May 30, 2006

Box Office Update for 5/26-5/28: X-Men: The Last Stand Takes Charge and Sets Records

Absolutely incredible, that is the best way to describe the opening weekend take of the third X-Men film. Despite my reservations towards the films quality, which turned out to be right, I knew the film would make a killing at the box office. What I didn't realize was just how big it would be. It placed very high on many of the all-time charts. It's single day take on Friday of nearly $45 million trails only Star Wars: Episode III, it's three day take of nearly $103 million makes it the fourth biggest Friday to Saturday total of all-time, and it's four day take of $122 million makes it the biggest Memorial Day weekend of all-time, overtaking The Lost World: The Jurassic Park.

Following the big take of X-Men: The Last Stand is The DaVinci Code, which took a steep drop of over 55% from last weekend. The Tom Hanks starring thriller, while a good film, seems to be dropping faster than expected. It still took in over $30 million, and could have some legs, but it does represent the steepest second weekend drop of Hanks' career, after having the biggest opening of his career.

With only one wide release entering the fray this weekend, the charting films just moved down by one, except for United 93, which held steady at ninth. An American Haunting dropped four slots from 8 to 12, making its exit from the chart, and Akeelah and the Bee was knocked from the top ten, finishing in 13th. So, looking at my predictions from Friday, I was pretty good in my belief that everything would just shift down by one. The only place I was wrong was with United 93, which I thought would finish 10th, and the actual number 10, a returning Ice Age: The Meltdown.

Of the returning films, I was glad to see See No Evil hold its own. The film, the first from WWE Films, has taken a universally savage drubbing from critics, it currently has a 7% rating at Rotten Tomatoes, based on 45 reviews. I liked the film, it is true that it did not tread any new ground as far as horror films go, but I thought it was an entertaining gritty little horror flick. Then there is RV, which I have not seen, showing some strong legs as it has consistently seen the smallest week to week drops since its release, a mere 18% drop this week.

This Week

Last WeekMy GuessTitleWknd GrossOverallWeek in release
1N1X-Men: The Last Stand$102,750,665$102,750,6651
212The DaVinci Code$34,031,670$136,512,7072
323Over the Hedge$27,063,774$76,119,3862
434Mission: Impossible III$7,001,625$114,271,2244


767See No Evil$2,683,655$8,647,0742
878Just My Luck$1,979,021$13,611,1353
9910United 93$808,545$29,632,9605
1011-Ice Age: The Meltdown$788,055$190,496,8779

Four Day Totals:

This Week

TitleWknd GrossOverall
1X-Men: The Last Stand$122,861,157$122,861,157
2The DaVinci Code$42,437,372$144,918,409
3Over the Hedge$35,322,115$84,377,727
4Mission: Impossible III$8,901,106$116,170,705
7See No Evil$3,437,537$9,400,956
8Just My Luck$2,480,284$14,112,398
9United 93$1,054,560$29,878,975
10Ice Age: The Meltdown$985,778$190,694,600

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