April 4, 2006

DVD Pick of the Week: Brokeback Mountain

Talk about your slim pickings. There is very little that I am very interested in this week. The lack of choices made decision all tha much easier.

My DVD Pick of the Week is none other than Brokeback Mountain. It is the movie that everyone thought would walk away with the Best Picture Oscar, but did not. Critics and fans alike have bemoaned its loss, concocting various scenarios as to why it lost. Whatever the case is, it has definitely made an impact on the national conciousness, and it has secured its place in film history. A film need not win the "big one" in order to be considered great, many films have come and gone that won the award and did not have a lasting impact, while those snubbed live on among the greats.

For those 2 or 3 of you that are unfamiliar with the film, it is a tale of forbidden love, a trogic love story. It is much more than the "gay cowboy" movie it has been made out to be. Sure, the central characters may be gay, or bi-sexual, but calling it such would be a gross over-simplification of what it is. It is a story that will affect you. It builds naturally, nothing beats you over the head, it has a flow that feels real. It was not my favorite film of the year, but it is one that is definitely worth your time.

It stars Heath Ledger and Jake Gylenhall. They both give excellent performances. They are supported by Anne Hathaway and Michelle Williams, both of which also do a great job. Ang Lee directs, making a strong comeback. Excellent work all around.

Also out this week:
  • The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. An excellent fantasy film that was the second bigest moneymaker of 2005. I saw it and thought it was very good. It is available in 1 and 2 disk versions.
  • Crash: 2 Disk Director's Cut. Speaking of Brokeback Mountain, here is the film that upset it for the "big one" in a new director's cut which runs about 3 minutes longer. I am not sure what the difference is.
  • Gorillaz: Demon Days Live. The first live DVD of the animated band. This should be interesting. The real people behind the ink have crafted some fine music.
  • Pantera: 3 Vulgar Videos. A new lower priced reissue of Pantera's home videos is here. Perhaps I will finally be able to see them.

That is all I am really interested in. Sure, there are hundreds of other releases, but none that I am terribly interested in at this moment.

What are you getting?

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