April 11, 2006

Box Office Update for 4/7-4/9: Ice Age: The Meltdown

Last week we crowned out first blockbuster of the year. This week we crown the first $100 million earner. Surprise, surprise, they are the same movie. Ice Age: The Meltdown topped the charts for the second straight week, the first film of the year to do that. It did it in decidedly dramatic fashion, by dropping over 50% from last week and still finishing over $14 million ahead of the number 2 film. It may not be as good as I had hoped, but there is no doubt a goldmine them there prehistoric critters.

As for the weekend's new releases, The Benchwarmers topped them all by finishing second. It finished surprisingly strong, but I think that was by default. Open a movie on enough screens and you are bound to see it make some money, just flood the market and things will happen, no matter the quality. I guess the same ting could be said for Ice Age. It very nearly cracked the $20 million plateau. I guess I should come clean, I admit to actually enjoying some of this movie. I would not go so far as to call it good, but it definitely has its moments.

Dropping down from there, to third place, we have the inspirational teacher movie, Take the Lead. It is another one of those "inspired by a true story" films that are multiplying almost as badly as remakes these days. This movie has been seen before, just change the setting a little bit and you have a new movie. This plays like a combination of Mad Hot Ballroom and Dangerous Minds. As much as I wanted to show disdain, it is terribly infectious in the execution of the formula. Antonio Banderas stars as a dancer who teachers the hard luck cases at an inner city school. It does seem as the people shyed away from it, but just a bit. It's not bad, but it is just like so many that have come before.

Drop down a little further to fifth and you will find the too cool for school comic thriller, Lucky Number Slevin. It didn't seem to capture the imaginations of the people despite the abundant starpower. It was an interesting film that drips cool, has some fast and witty dialog exchanges, but suffers from showing its hand too soon. It was still the best new release of the week. Rounding out out new films is the Mo'Nique vehicle, Phat Girlz, which came in ninth. The movie has a good message, but the execution is a little week, with only spurts of laughter to be had.

Among the returning films, Inside Man fared pretty well, suffering only a 40% drop. Even better, but a lesser moneymaker was Failure to Lauch dropping only 36%, this one is showing some good leg strength.

One last note for the top ten, and a pleasantly surprising one at that, is the number ten film. Thank You for Smoking, a brilliant comedy, has cracked the top charts, posting the second best per screen average of the top films. Another intersting note is that it did this while playing on only 300 screens.

Four films dropped off the chart this week. The fell-offs are Stay Alive (11), She's the Man (12), Slither (13), and The Shaggy Dog (15).

As for my predictions, I was on point for the first 8, but 9 and 10 had me completely stymied. Occassionally I'm pretty good at my choices, this week was one of them.

This Week

Last WeekMy GuessTitleWknd GrossOverallWeek in release
111Ice Age: The Meltdown$33,823,894$115,751,9732
2N2The Benchwarmers$19,656,429$19,656,4291
3N3Take the Lead$12,051,277$12,051,2771
424Inside Man$9,131,410$66,013,0403


Lucky Number Slevin$7,031,921$7,031,9211
646Failure to Launch$4,130,869$79,145,2155
858V for Vendetta$3,404,210$62,296,4354
9NXPhat Girlz$3,109,924$3,109,9241
1013XThank You for Smoking$2,309,097$6,193,0744

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