April 18, 2006

Box Office Update 4/14-4/16: Scary Movie 4 Scares up an Easter Record

I had no idea that the Scary Movie franchise had this much gas left in it. I figured it would open well, but over $40 million? Not a chance. The second and third entries got progressively worse, so it wouldn't take a genius to think that this would continue that trend. Of course, I actually think the commercials look kind of funny. Anyway, Scary Movie 4 has set an Easter weekend record, which just about guarantees that a fifth film will be coming down the pipe.

The new release that I thought was going to take the top stop stumbled out of the blocks. The Wild came in a lowly third, not even coming close to the other animated film, and the years first tue blockbuster, Ice Age: The Meltdown. Maybe two CG films at once is overkill, or maybe audiences are still stinging from last year's similarly themed Madagascar. Perhaps it is good, if it is, word of mouth will spread and it will have legs. Who knows? I'll let you know after I see it.

It may as well be a new release, the hilarious Thank You for Smoking is marching up the chain. It went into wide release this weekend and people are noticing it. I saw it a few weeks back and it is a great film, I highly recommend it.

As for those films that have hung around, the aforementioned Ice Age sequel came out on top at number 2. It brought in another $20 million plus, pushing its take close to the $150 million mark. Coming in behind that at number 3 is probably the biggest surprise, Benchwarmers is stilling pulling in the people. Not bad for a movie that isn't good. On the other end of the scale, it looks like Failure to Launch is getting close to falling of the charts after 6 weeks of hanging on. Also, V for Vendetta is having its last hurrah, placing tenth.

Two films dropped off the list this week. The first was Phat Girlz which fell to 12th in just its second weekend. The second is ATL which finished at number 11.

As for my predictions, I got 4 predicted correctly, but not grouped at the top, like I usually get. I successfully predicted the 5th and 6th place finishers, as well as 8th and 10th. An odd spread this time around. I'll just have to wait and see if I can do any better next week.

This Week

Last WeekMy GuessTitleWknd GrossOverallWeek in release
1N2Scary Movie 4$40,222,875$40,222,8751
213Ice Age: The Meltdown$20,026,625$147,226,9163
324The Benchwarmers$9,913,291$35,881,9222
4N1The Wild$9,684,809$9,684,8091


Take the Lead$6,783,697$22,601,0192
646Inside Man$6,427,815$75,421,1804
759Lucky Number Slevin$4,752,800$14,297,1472
8108Thank You for Smoking$4,491,102$11,539,5715
967Failure to Launch$2,608,433$83,179,6696
10810V for Vendetta$2,224,266$66,037,6825

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