March 1, 2006

The Trailer Park: See No Evil

Vince McMahon keeps trying to gets his hands into other areas of entertainment. A few years back he teamed with NBC to bring us the glorious failure that was the XFL, the extreme football that was meant to compete with the NFL. That did result in one good thing, the enhanced camera work, which has made the NFL the most dynamically shot of the major pro team sports.

His latest foray is into the world of filmmaking. He eased himself in by gaining executive producer credits with the films that The Rock appeared in, such as Rundown, Scorpion King, and Walking Tall. Now he has gone and formed WWE Films, with which he plans to make films around various wrestlers. So far two films have been made, the first one is still seeking a distributor. That one is called The Marine, and it stars current WWE Champion, John Cena. The second one is, of course, See No Evil, starring the Big Red Machine, Kane (aka Glen Jacobs).The film is being released through Lionsgate Films this May.

See No Evil stars Glen Jacobs as Jacob Goodnight, as, what else, a serial killer. Jacob has taken up residence in an old abandoned hotel. One fateful day, a police officer escorts 8 criminals to the hotel for community service work. Little do they now the terror that awaits them, as Jacob locks them in and starts to hunt them down. Not to mention the connection between the cop and the killer.

This is the perfect role for Glen to break onto the big screen. The man is huge, at around 6'10" 350 lbs, and he look has an imposing look that could very easily intimidate a person. The rest of the cast is made up by unknowns, most seem to have experience, but I do not recognize any of the names. It was directed by Gregory Dark, who has spent most of his career in the world of adult films. Lastly, it was written by Dan Madigan, who is a member of the WWE: Smackdown writing staff.

The trailer doesn't look half bad. Granted, it is nothing special, but for what amounts to a low budget horror thriller, it looks like it could be fun. We watch as the victims walk around the house getting into assorted trouble, until Jacob shows up to clean house. I can tell that we are probably not going to care much about the people, this is a film where you will want to cheer the bad guy, or at least I do. The washed out colors, the screams, the crazy gleam in the killer's eye, it all could add up to a fun night at the movies.

The one thing I do not have for this is high expectations. I think it would be a mistake to expect a high quality film out of this. Still, I think it could be a mistake to underestimate it. If there is one thing I have learned from years of horror films, it's that they do not have to be great, or even good, to be fun. I truly believe that this will fall into that fun category. I love the washed out look of movie, and I really like the trailer. Only time will tell where this will fall.

Visit the See No Evil site to see the trailer, or visit QuickTime to see the trailer in high definition.

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