March 17, 2006

DVD Review: Megadeth - Arsenal of Megadeth

Arsenal of Megadeth is completely stacked with vintage Megadeth footage. Videos? Check. Interviews? Check. Live Footage? Check. All of it personally compiled by Megadeth founder and mastermind of metal mayhem, Dave Mustaine.

Any fan of Megadeth is going to want this set. It has numerous videos, live clips, interviews, commercials, and other Megadeth related footage. The thing to remember is that this isn't a documentary, I think we are going to have to wait for that if it ever gets made. You don't learn the exact reasons for Dave's dismissal from Metallica, although he has a few words for the incident. You'll see the various incarnations of the band, but you won't get the reasons for those changes. Their first album may have been Killing is My Business, but for the sake of this set, we'll skip that and move onto Peace Sells, But Who's Buying. Basically, what I'm trying to say here is that this DVD is not all-inclusive, I am sure there is still a lot of interesting footage out there. However, what we get is fantastic compilation of Megadeth footage that you probably would have a hard time finding, if it's even possible to get it all.

The clips are presented in chronological order, so despite not getting all of the insider information you may want, you will get to watch the development of a band. Watching all of this footage in a row is fascinating. You can see Mustaine go from this seemingly immature, egomaniacal persona, to a more mature, egomaniacal persona. I could be wrong, but his personality seems to be driven by his ego. Besides being on display in the variety of interviews, it is also in the music.

Disk one chronicles the era from Peace Sells through Countdown to Extinction. Highlights include a 1986 interview where he talks about being kicked out of Metallica, and videos for "Peace Sells," "Go to Hell," and "Hanger 18," and live footage from the Clash of the Titans tour. There is one thing that all of those videos have in common, a good, thick layer of cheese. The videos have the requisite banging heads and corny effects, but for some reason they work. Also included are commercial spots for a couple of albums, its been a long time since I've seen an add for an album, or a cassette for that matter.

Disk 2 picks up with Youthanasia and carried on through to 1999's Risk. More videos, live footage, interview clips continue to show the evolution of the band. There are the brushes with the mainstream, culminating with the four radio hits on Cryptic Writings. If nothing else, this disk shows that they are anything but consistent. We watch as the core members that made up the glory years of Megadeth's music leave, and new members come in. The disk ends with some live footage from 2005's Gigantour.

This is probably the best Megadeth DVD available, not that there are that many, the only others I can remember are the VH1 Behind the Music special, and the Rude Awakening live DVD with Al Pitrelli and Jimmy DeGrasso. Still, this is definitely a collection any fan is going to want. And considering where the coverage stops, one must wonder if their will be a second volume. Surely, they could get enough footage from the albums following Risk, plus footage that was not included here.

The audio and video look very good. The quality is mixed from the variety of sources, but overall, I can offer no complaints. Definitely get out and add this to your collection, besides its got some kick ass cover art.

Recommended. ***.5 / *****

1. Peace sells (from Talk Radio)
2. Peace Sells - video
3. Interview, 1986*
4. Wake Up Dead - video
5. Penelope Spheeris intro* (interview)
6. In My Darkest Hour - video
7. SO FAR, SO GOOD… (interview clips & video rushes)
8. Anarchy In The U.K. - video
9. No More Mr. Nice Guy* - video/film footage
10. RUST IN PEACE* (TV spot for album)
11. Clash Of The Titans tour footage, 1990*
12. Holy Wars…The Punishment Due* - video-MTV edit
14. Hangar 18 (video-unedited version)
15. Go To Hell (video-guitar version)
16. COUNTDOWN TO EXTINCTION* (TV Spot for album)
17. Rock The Vote (Promo clips)
18. Symphony Of Destruction - video
19. Symphony Of Destruction (Edited Gristle Mix video)
20. Skin O' My Teeth* - video, new edit
21. High Speed Dirt - video
22. Foreclosure Of A Dream - video
24. Sweating Bullets* - video

1. EVOLVER (from home video)
2. Train Of Consequences - video
3. Raw footage from Train video shoot* (hidden track)
4. YOUTHANASIA* (TV Spot for album)
5. Interview, 1994* (Nick on album cover)
6. NIGHT OF THE LIVING MEGADETH, Halloween 1994* (interviews/live performance)
7. MTV MOST WANTED* (performance on 3/28/95)
8. Interview, 1994* (Dave on A Tout Le Monde)
9. A Tout Le Monde* - video
10. Interview, 1994* (Dave/Nick on touring)
11. Reckoning Day* - video
12. CRYPTIC WRITINGS* (TV Spot for album)
13. Trust - video
14. CRYPTIC TV* (Promo for Cryptic Writings)
15. Almost Honest* - video
16. A Secret Place* - video
17. Argentina, 1998* (Backstage/interview/distant live shots)
18. THE DREW CAREY SHOW, 1998* (Mustaine appearance)
19. RISK teaser film* (promo film)
20. Insomnia* - video
21. Sweating Bullets* (Live at GIGANTOUR, 2005)
22. Peace Sells* (Live at GIGANTOUR, 2005)
23. YOUTHANASIA album cover shoot*

*Previously Unreleased

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