March 6, 2006

DVD Review: Crapshoot with Jim Breuer and Zakk Wylde

Crapshoot, huh? Not to far from the truth. This teaming of Jim Breuer's stoner rock star and Zakk Wylde's genuine rock star looks like it could be magic. The result is something less than that.

When I saw the DVD with those two names emblazoned across the cover, I was sure I was in for one hell of a show. What I got was something less than what I had hoped for. I was expecting a blend of Breuer's stand up blended with Zakk's playing. You know, not terribly unlike Breuer's routine where he has a band backing him up. Visions of the perfect blend of comedy and metal danced in my head.

I eagerly took the disk and started it up. The disk runs for about a half hour, and it looks like the outtakes of another show. It is a blend of bloopers, skits, and reality TV. I cannot say that I really enjoyed it, although there are some humorous parts, mostly involving Zakk Wylde. In the end, though, I do not believe I can call it worthwhile.

This would have been better if there had been some sort of framework, some reason for being, this could have been a magical combination. Breuer didn't really seem as if he wanted to be there and Wylde was just being himself, seemingly waiting for something to happen.

Meandering, dull, uninspired, and ultimately not worth the time. If I had to pick out the biggest problem with this, it would the lack of concept. The disk is so frustrating as I wanted to see these two just cut loose. I kept waiting for it to take off and wow me, but the outtake reel kept rolling. Is this the right disk? Is this what they were setting out to make?

There are a couple of bright spots, but they are few and far between. Breur's best moment comes when he is doing an impression of Ozzy, that was actually funny. Then there is when he is leaving, as fast as he can. Zakk Wylde's moment comes when he plays the "Star Spangled Banner."

There are a couple of extras, including commentary from the cast, except for the two main players, and a couple of edited scenes. Nothing special, kind of like the rest of the disk.

Bottomline. Even if you are a fan of either guy, don't bother with this. Go play a Black Label Society CD, or a Jim Breuer comedy disk, you'd be better off.

Not Recommended.

The disk is available at, where they also have a few clips from the disk.

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