March 7, 2006

Box Office Update 3/3-3/5: Tyler Perry's Madea's Family Reunion

Ladies and Gentleman, we have our first repeat winner of 2005. Tyler Perry's Medea's Family Reunion took a hit of near 58% but still managed to come out on top edging out its nearest competition by nearly $1 million. I may not have interest in seeing the film, but this is helping to show that there is an audience out there for Tyler Perry's work. I am not familiar with it, and am not really interested in this particular character, although it is nice to see another voice making a splash in Hollywood. It will be interesting to see if Perry has anything else in his arsenal.

Four new films have entered the top ten this week. 16 Blocks comes in at number 2. The Bruce Willis actioner did less than expected, but was still respectable and a little better than another Willis vehicle, Hostage, which opened in March of last year. I guess it shows that Willis is consistent. I very much enjoyed both films. In this latest one, Mos Def shows he can hang with the stars, I look forward to future work from him.

The next pair of new releases targeted very different audiences, and seemed to do so moderately well. In 4th is Ultraviolet, which has not done well with critics at all. I think I am one of only a handful that actually liked this sci-fi actioner. Granted, it's not as good as I had hoped, but I still liked it for what it was. Following that at 5th is Aquamarine, targeting the tweener crowd, this was just sort of dumped into theaters, I have not seen a single trailer or commercial for it.

The final new release to crack the top ten was Dave Chappelle's Block Party, a documentary/concert film and a very uplifting experience. Michele Gondry, mastermind of the brilliant Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, directed this look into the days leading up to Chappelle's party. I found it wonderful the way he touched the lives of so many people, and the fact that he seemed to throw this party just to throw a party. Plus, there is the Fugees reunion which was electric. Good movie.

Eight Below and The Pink Panther both continue to make good showings, showing strong legs. Although, I don't think Panther deserves them, it is nice to see Eight Below doing well, as it really is a good film. Then there is Curious George, I have not seen it, but I don't think anyone would have guessed the legs it has shown.

Four films have been knocked out of the top ten this week, Final Destination 3 (11), Doogal (13), Running Scared (16), and Freedomland (24). Freedomland took the biggest hit, dropping almost 80 percent from week 2 to 3, Running Scared was not far behind with a near 61 percent drop from week 1 to 2.

This Week

Last WeekTitleWknd GrossOverallWeek in release
11Tyler Perry's Madea's Family Reunion$12,648,954$47,748,2432
2N16 Blocks$11,855,260$11,855,2601
32Eight Below$10,137,068$58,636,3733
5N Aquamarine$7,482,669$7,482,6691
63The Pink Panther$6,883,674$69,668,6014
7NDave Chappelle's Block Party$6,214,723$6,214,7231
84Date Movie$5,131,207$40,709,5013
95Curious George$4,519,550$49,301,6154

Let's close this with a look at the pecking order that I had predicted, and see just how bad I did.

Predicted. (Actual)

  1. (1) Madea's Family Reunion. The first repeat winner of the year, and I still don't really want to seeit. No offense to his fans, I am happy to see someone new having two hits in a row.
  2. (2) 16 Blocks. Bruce Willis and Mos Def make a good pair in this fun action thriller.
  3. (3) Eight Below. Still doing well, nice to see.
  4. (6) The Pink Panther. Why are people still seeing this?
  5. (4) Ultraviolet. Not reviewing terribly well, it has peaked and will sink from here.
  6. (5) Aquamarine. Not much of an ad campaign didn't do this any favors.
  7. (8) Date Movie. Please help this along and get it out of the top ten.
  8. (10) Firewall. Slipped more than I thought, it will be out of the top ten next week.
  9. (7) Dave Chappelle's Block Party. Been awhile since a documentary has been in the top ten. This is a fun movie.
  10. (16) Running Scared. This was a complete bust at the box office, still my favorite of this year's releases.

Not too bad, I got the top three right, and 3 more off by one.

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