February 28, 2006

DVD Pick of the Week for 2/28: Three..... Extremes

There are a few good films to choose from this week. Among the choices are are duller than dirt horror film, a beloved Disney Classic, an Oscar nominee, a forgotten cartoon from the 80's, and then there is the one I have chosen.

This weeks pick is an anthology film featuring a trio of Asia's top genre directors, Three.... Extremes. Take the concept of horror and forget everything you know about American horror. I have not yet seen this, but judging by those involved and what I have seen of Asian horror, this will proove to be a trip into the darkest recesses of the mind, resulting in some genuinely creepy tales.

First up is Dumplings, directed by Hong Kong's Fruit Chan. This film discovers the secret to looking younger lies in one chef's special dumplings. Next up is Cut, from Korea's Chan Wook Park, who made the outstanding, and former pick of the week, Oldboy. This film puts a man in a strange situation with his wife suspended by piano wire and a boy bound and gagged on a sofa, while he is tethered with little room for movement. Lastly is Box, from the insane master of Japanese cinema, Takashi Miike. His tale involves a pair of young contorionists and their magician father.

I know, I know, I didn't really say much of any use about these films, but my desire to see them, and the talent involved helps it jump to the top of the list. That, and the fact that a lot of people may not be familiar with this film. I cannot wait to check this out. There is nothing better than some truly twisted horror.

Also available this week:
  • C.O.P.S. Anyone remember this? I remember loving this show many, many years ago. All of the cops, each with their own specialty. Fighting Crime in a Future Time!
  • Controversial Classics Vol 2: All The Presidents Men, Network, Dog Day Afternoon. The second volume from Warner Brothers. The three are also available separately.
  • Fear of Clowns. I have no idea about this one, someone mentioned the title to me the other day, and figured I'd include it here for anyone who does know it.
  • The Fuccons Vol 1: Oh Mikey! A mannequin show from Japan, not even sure how to describe thie one.
  • The Gardener. This is here as a warning, unless you suffer from insomnia, avoid this.
  • The Ice Harvest. This is a fun black comedy from Harold Ramis.
  • Lady and the Tramp. The Disney classic, restored and available for a limited time.
  • Pride & Prejudice. Haven't seen this, but I have heard very good things about it. It is nominated for 4 Oscars.
  • Tokyo Psycho. An ultra low budget Japanese horror film, rumored to have lots of blood and barb wire. Sounds good to me.
  • Walk the Line. The very good Johnny Cash biopic, whose performances outshine the film itself.
  • Yours, Mine, and Ours. Eh, no desire to see this Dennis Quaid family comedy.

What are you getting this week?

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