February 6, 2006

Concert Review: Section 18 w/ Audible Thought, Equipt, Junket 2/4/06

There is nothing quite like going to a local metal show. It is important to go out and support the local acts that you like, support your friends, or just discover a new band to like. Perhaps one day you'll be able to saw that you knew them before they were famous. In any case, you have to get out there and see those bands, find the good ones and see them again. They need the encouragement and the support of us fans.

The night's show, at The Chance Theater, was being headlined by Section 18, in their first headlining gig. But before we get to them, there were three other local acts set to get the crowd going.

The show got off to a great start with Junket. I had seen them about 2 months ago, at the time, I did not have much to say about them. They were OK then, but what a difference a few months makes! Tonight they sounded incredible. The sound was a blend of screamo and Staind style angst with a touch of progressive leaning metal. They played for about 30 minutes and the crowd was really into them. There were some great lead breaks, and harmony runs with the bass player. The vocals were that mix of singing and screaming that seems to be so popular these days. The difference here being, I actually liked it, he had a unique take on it. All too often, I find myself bored by the latest wave of screamers. Junket's sound all comes together and shows a lot of promise. This will be a band to keep an eye on.

Next up was a band making their first appearance at The Chance called Equipt. Sadly, they were not all that impressive. The first thing they need is a singer. The majority of the vocals were handled by the guitar player who does not have much of a voice. On top of that they seemed to be ever so slightly out of tune, making all the songs sound just a bit off. Their set lacked an overall energy that just really deflated my interest. The drummer took over vocal duties for the last few songs, and there was a noticeable upswing in energy, not enough to really drag me back in, but it made it a little more enjoyable.

In between these acts, some guests were announced to be in attendance. Among those guests was Matt Byrne, drummer for the hardcore outfit Hatebreed. I mention this because, Matt and myself were childhood friends, at one point trying to start a band at the dawn of his drumming career, with me on guitar. I did not have the dedication, and he got very, very good. We lost contact many years ago, so it was great to get a chance to see him again. He is preparing to head back to the studio to work on the next Hatebreed album, and hopefully come back to town on a tour. Hardcore is not my preferred style, but Matt and Hatebreed are definitely a band worth checking out.

The third act was a group I had not seen before, Audible Thought. I had seen the bass player before when he was in a band called Operatika, and I also recall seeing him with another act, although I cannot recall the band's name. This is going to be a band to keep an eye on. They have a sound that is reminiscent of Godsmack and Sevendust, heavy and technically proficient. The sound is anchored by a very thick, room filling sound of the guitar/bass combination. The guitar riffs were heavy, and the leads blazing, the bass was solid, filling in texture and standing apart as its own integral part of the sound. The vocals were growling yet clear, easily understandable as they rose above the heaviness. My only complaint musically is the drumming, it wasn't bad, but the stringed part of the band needs a bigger, thicker sound to fully compliment the music. Overall, this band has the skills to produce some truly heavy music. Keep an eye on these guys.

Now, it was time for the debut headliners, Section 18, to take the stage. They came out to a roar from the crowd of friends and fans that had taken to the pit in front of the stage. In addition to their first headlining gig, they were also recording the show for a DVD, so they had that added incentive to put on a good show. The end result was a very good show, they put on a lively, high energy rock show that got the floor moving and the people screaming. Their sound is pretty much straight up rock/metal. For 60 minutes they poured their hearts out onstage. The music was tight, the mix was good, and overall they were very impressive. They may not be as heavy as I would like, but they are a talented group of musicians who put on a good live show, they have a bright future.

Overall, this was a great show of local talent. Strong music, excellent performances, and a good crowd all combine to really make this trip to the club worthwhile. So, be sure to get out there and discover your local music scene, whatever style you prefer, I am sure there is a band out there just waiting to welcome you as a fan.


Anonymous said...

You have terrible opinions and you shouldn't be writing about things you have no idea about, such as music. You're probably just one of those guys who doesnt have enough talent to pick up an instrument so you choose to make illogical comments about other's performances. I think everyone would greatly appreciate you never posting again. Good day.

Chris said...

It's easy to sit behind the anonymity of the internet and make sweeping comments about others opinions. And just because I don't play an instrument does not mean I know nothing about music. So, I would appreciate if you never posted again, or at least shed your cloak of anonymity.

I also presume that you won't be reading this considering how little you think of writing. Consider the feeling returned in kind.

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