February 14, 2006

Box Office Update 2/10-2/12: The Pink Panther

The Pink Panther surprises all the nay sayers by pulling out a winning bid for the top spot. It did not review well, yet people still flocked out to see it. I admit, I was one of them, but I concur with the critics, it is not a terribly good movie. That is followed up by another mediocre, "wish it was better" movie in Final Destination 3. I enjoyed both of the earlier entries, but this one just falls flat. It still managed to bring in decent numbers, nearly wresting away the top spot from the pink feline.

The other two new releases fill the next spots. First being Curious George, which looks to be a fun movie for the family to enjoy, perhaps more for the younger set. Then we have Firewall, a middling thriller with Harrison Ford.

The next four spots, sequentially, were the top four from last week. So their popularity each dropped about the same from last week to this, all of them in the 50% range. Coming in at the bottom of the list is Underworld: Evolution, which will probably top out at around $70 million, maybe a bit less.

Dropping out of the top ten this week were The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (12), Something New (11), Walk the Line (13), and Annapolis (14).

This Week

Last WeekTitleWknd GrossOverallWeek in release
1NThe Pink Panther$20,220,412$20,220,4121

Final Destination 3

3NCurious George$14,703,405$14,703,4051
51 When a Stranger Calls$9,111,820$33,958,2222
62 Big Momma's House 2$6,931,437$54,908,7253
73Nanny McPhee $4,940,395$32,956,0353
84Brokeback Mountain $4,025,031$66,460,79110
96 Underworld: Evolution$2,608,793$57,354,6864
105 Hoodwinked$2,406,005$47,269,2259

Let's close this with a look at the pecking order that I had predicted, and see just how bad I did.

  1. (2) Final Destination 3. This barely missed my call. I guess it didn't have quite the pull to push it over the top.
  2. (4) Firewall. Not as good a draw as I had thought it would be, of course, the movie isn't all that great either.
  3. (3) Curious George. Hey! I got one right. This opened to generally good reviews, and proved to be a decent family draw.
  4. (1) The Pink Panther. I underestimated this stinker. There is a reason why it was so long delayed, it probably should have been longer.
  5. (8) Brokeback Mountain. This one dropped more than I expected, but there was a bunch of competition from new releases.
  6. (5) When a Stranger Calls. This is not a good movie, and his week's drop helps lend credence to that notion.
  7. (6) Big Momma's House 2. I still have no interest in seeing this.
  8. (7) Nanny McPhee. It did a good for a few weeks, but it has begun its slide.
  9. (10) Hoodwinked. Doing better than expected, this has made its final appearance in the top 10.
  10. (9) Underworld: Evolution. This continues its slide, next week it will probably be down to 12 or 13.

One right and 6 off by one. Is that better than three right, seven wrong?


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