January 31, 2006

DVD Pick of the Week for 1/31: The Corpse Bride

This week's pick was a no-brainer. It is, without a doubt, Tim Burton's first directorial feature of an animated film, The Corpse Bride. This is definitely a film that will be added to my collection.

Burton has translated a Russian folk tale to a stop motion gothic story of doomed romance. It is a pretty straight forward tale, punctuated with comedy and colorful characters. Then there are the songs. The songs add a little more spice to the mix, while not instantly memorable, fit the film well.

The story revolves around a young man about to be married, but has cold feet, and while practicing his vows in the woods, inadvertently marries a, you got it, a corpse. A corpse that dies before experiencing love, and is now trying to cling to what she has found herself with.

The movie features some great voice talent, including Tim Burton's seemingly favorite collaborator, Johnny Depp. Also in the cast are Helena Bonham Carter, Emily Watson, Tracy Ullman, Albert Finney, and Christopher Lee. Also featured are music and lyrics from another Burton favored collaborator, Danny Elfman.

Also coming out this week:
  • Bubble. Steven Soderbergh's latest is also an experiment in releasing. It was released to theaters this past Friday, and is also available on pay per view. Other than that I know little about the movie.
  • Dune: Extended Edition. The long awaited DVD upgrade also includes a new extended cut, which is a combination of the theatrical and the televised Alan Smithee version.
  • In Her Shoes. Cameron Diaz stars in this drama that had gotten a lot of early buzz upon its release.
  • Knight Rider: Season 3. What child of the 80's never dreamt of having this car? I loved this series. It is a little corny now, looking back on it, but I still hold a good deal of affection for it.
  • Legend of Zorro. This is here as a warning to anyone who enjoyed the first Banderas Zorro. Skip this one, it is not good, it has none of the charm or infectious energy of its predecessor.
  • The Pink Panther Classic Cartoon Collection. Just in time for the release of the new live action film, comes this collection of the old cartoons.

That is all for this week. What are you getting?


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