January 10, 2006

DVD Pick of the Week for 1/10: Eraserhead

This weeks pick is a film I have only seen once, about 10 years ago on VHS. I remember being stunned by the high rate of bizarre being flung around onscreen. The sad thing was that it was a generations old VHS copy and did not look all that good. The film is none other than Erasherhead.

It has been so long, and my memories of it have faded considerably, but I am very much looking forward to seeing it again. It has been available through David Lynch's website for sometime, but not at any other retail venue until now.

I sit here attempting to write this, and I realize that I really have nothing to say about the movie. It has been so long since I've seen it, and I hadn't even thought about it in years, until I saw it pop up on this week's release list. So, while it is easily a top pick for the week, I have no real comments to go into. I will say that it will fill your quota for the bizarre for awhile.

Also out this week:
  • The Constant Gardener. This was one of the best films of 2005. It is a wonderful love story wrapped up with political intrigue.
  • The Flash: The Complete Series. Short lived series based on the DC Comics character was good, now is our opportunity to relive it.
  • Hustle& Flow. I missed this in the theaters. It had pretty good word of mouth going for it. Time for me to see it.
  • Magnificent Seven: 2 Disk Special Edition. The classic western, remastered and loaded with bonus features.
  • Red Eye. Wes Craven knocks one out of the park with this tight and focused thriller. It stars two charismatic up and comers in Rachel McAdams and Cillian Murphy, and successfully keeps the action going for its brief runtime.
  • Short Films of David Lynch. Exactly what it says it is, and I can't wait.
  • Transporter 2. I loved the first, and the second was just as fun. It is simply a blast of adrenaline.
  • The Wild Bunch: The Original Director's Cut: Two Disk Special Edition. Sam Peckinpah's epic in all its remastered glory.

That is all for this week.


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