January 14, 2006

CD Review: Make a Rising - Rip Through the Hawk Black Night

Listening to Make a Rising is a strange experience. It is unlike anything I have listened to before, but then I rarely venture out of my preferred genre of metal and its related ilk. This most definitely does not fall with the confines of that label. This more like an avant garde carnival, a festival of sounds playing and dancing around each other in a discordant rumba that takes on a life of its on with an ebb and flow that is unlike any musical standard.

Each song on their debut album, Rip Through the Hawk Black Night, takes on a life of its own. They move and sway and build and fall, a bizarre musical journey. The concoction blends violin, sax, electric and acoustic guitar, bass, keyboards, voice, and random noises into a musical tale. The music does not follow the standard song formatting of verse, chorus, verse. Elements are added while others were taken away, coming in at weird times, leaving suddenly, always keeping the listener diligent in their attention.

After my first time through the album, I was not sure I liked it. The style, which I wasn't sure applied at first, was so far removed from my typical, generally narrow, focus of interest that I didn't know where to wedge this in. A few more listens down the line, and the patterns started to emerge, the logic behind the construction was more noticeable. The orchestrations are complex, yet they all come together in this cacophony of the unlikely.

Bottomline. Make a Rising defies description from my experience, yet I found the music intriguing in its unique collection of sounds. This was difficult to write, as I was rather lacking in a frame of reference, yet the music sustained me through. I am happy to recommend this to anyone looking for a little adventure with their music.



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