January 17, 2006

Box Office Update for 1/13-1/16: Glory Road

Disney's latest uplifting sports drama rose to the top over the 4 day holiday weekend. Glory Road narrowly edged out The Weinstein Company's animated entry, Hoodwinked. They were separated by the slim margin of less than $50,000. I find that to be a bit of a surprise, considering I didn't really think much of Hoodwinked based on, what I thought to be, lackluster trailers.

Glory Road turned out to be a rather cookie cutter inspirational film. Despite the, at times, formulaic feel, I found it to be a well made film. It tells an important story, one that has some very good characters. I think they could have gone a bit deeper, but that probably would have gone past the PG limit. As it stands, it is a fine film for the family, and has excellent performances from Derek Luke and Josh Lucas. I don't think it will have very strong legs at the box office, but will do well on DVD.

Trailing ever so slightly behind is the Queen Latifah vehicle, Last Holiday. This looks like it could be a fun movie. Latifah always brightens up the screen, and this should be no different.

The last of this weeks new releases is Tristan & Isolde. This turned out to be a surprisingly good historical romance that did not fall into the normal trappings of the modern teen oriented romance. It deals with the involved obstacles in a relatively realistic manner, and has some very well shot scenes. Its biggest problem is that the dialogue is a little clunky at times.

There are two films out now that are showing surprising strength. The first is The Chronicles of Narnia. Who would have guessed five weeks ago that this would be doing better than King Kong? Much less that it would still be in the top five and be one of the highest grossing films of 2005? I wouldn't have. I send my congratulations to all involved, it is a fine movie, I look forward to the sequels. The other is Fun with Dick and Jane, which I am less enthused about. This one has been consistently drawing money since its release at Christmas, thus proving Jim Carrey's box office draw, even with sub par material.

There is one film that is showing box office dominance, Brokeback Mountain. It is averaging over $10,000 per screen, if that holds up when it truly goes wide, it could be huge. It has been receiving lots of positive buzz, and its 4 Golden Globe wins (Picture- Drama, Actor- Drama, Screenplay, Original Song) can only help it on its way.

This Week

Last WeekTitleWknd GrossOverallWeek in release
1NGlory Road$16,927,589$16,927,5891
3NLast Holiday$15,508,779$15,508,7791
42The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe$12,809,767$264,020,8596
64Fun with Dick and Jane$10,344,702$94,245,9554
73King Kong$9,061,690$204,527,6905
8NTristan & Isolde$7,612,008$7,612,0081
98Brokeback Mountain$7,041,508$32,074,5176
105Cheaper by the Dozen 2$6,806,052$74,668,2674


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