December 1, 2005

Wrestling Recap: WWE: Smackdown Special 11/29/05

Michael Cole and Tazz welcome you to the Smackdown special. They also throw up a Tale of the Tape comparing the biggest and smallest competitors in the WWE,who will be meeting tonight, Big Show and Rey Mysterio.

They get off to a quick start with the first match, Booker T and Chris Benoit, in the second match of a best of 7 for the US Title. Booker T had one the first match. The series came about when the the title was held up due to a dual countout of both competitors. Benoit gets ahead quick, laying in some punches and snapping off a few suplexes. Booker T fights back, getting ahead of Benoit, slamming him into the turn buckles and hitting a high elbow off the ropes. Benoit responds with thunderous chops to the chest. Booker is the victim of more Suplexes at the hands of Benoit. Booker got the first pin attempt, 2 only. Benoit kicks out and regains control, but Booker fights back quick. Before Booker gets the upper hand, Benoit backdrops him over the ropes. Benoit goes for a suicide dive, but Booker gets out of the way.

Commercial break.

Back to the match, Boojer has Benoit stretched out, Benoit gets out of it, but is slowed by a jumping heel kick to the head. Booker goes for the pin, 2 count. Booker lands a side slam, but can't get the pin. Benoit is being dominated. Benoit fights back, landing chops and backing Booker into a corner, Booker tries to fight back, but gets caught with more chops. Benoit lands a German suplex, followed by a series of belly to belly suplexes. Benoit pins Booker for a 2 count. Booker gets up and catches Benoit with a Bookend, but cannot get the pin. Benoit hits a quick clothesline as Booker comes off the ropes. Benoit lands a German suplex then goes to climb the ropes, but is distracted by Sharmell. Benoit remains in control, climbs the ropes and lands his signature flying headbutt. He still cannot keep Booker down for 3. Booker tries to suplex Benoit over the ropes, but he lands on the apron and tries to hit a German off the apron, Booker fights out and throws Benoit to the floor. Booker roles Benoit in and tries for the pin, but Benoit gets his houlder up. Benoit then lands another German suplex. Booker recovers and lands the scissors kick and gets the pin. Booker T now has a 2 match to none lead in the series.

Next we have a video package highlighting the late Eddie Guerrero.

Commercial break.

Rey is shown in the back praying while prepaing for his match. He asks to look after his family and dedicates the match to his friend Eddie Guerrero.

That is followed by a video package highlighting Rey. Rey speaks on wrestling lucha libre, and the history of the mask. We watch as Rey demonstrates his high flying moves. Next is Big Show, the biggest athlete in the world. We see clips of Show destroying everything in his path.

Big Show makes his entrance, carrying his tag title belt (his champions with Kane).

Commercial break.

Back from commercial, our announcers are hyping a match for Friday's normal timeslot. The match is a tag team Battle Royale pitting LOD, The Dicks, The Mexicools, Nunzio/Vito, Scotty 2 Hotty/Funaki, and Paul London/Brian Kendrick against each other. THis will determine who faces MNM at Armageddon, the next pay per view.

Rey Mysterio comes to the ring using Eddie's music and driving a lowrider. The match begins with Rey quickly moving around the ring to elude SHow. Rey lands some kicks to the leg, but Show brushes him off. Rey gets caught and SHow slams a forearm to his back, then slides him out of the ring. Show exits the ring and Rey gets on then hits a dropkick on Show.

COmmercial break.

Back to the match. Show has Rey in the corner and hits some big slaps to the chest. Rey falls to the ground and Show literally walks over him, before kicking him out of the ring. Show leaves the ring, following Rey. Show lands another slap and throws him back into the ring. Back in, SHow holds Rey against the ropes. The duo exit the ring again, where Rey thumbs Show in the eye, they quickly get back in the ring. Rey starts fighting back, landing some big kicks, but SHow stops that with a huge boot to Rey's head. Show drops an elbow to Rey's chest. He goes for the pin, but picks him up after 2. Show throws him back out of the ring. Rey uses the lowrider to pick himself up. Show slams Rey's head into the hood of the car. Rey gets back in the ring, lands a kick. He then tries to hit a hurracanrana from the top rope to the outside, but Show catches him and powerbombs him on the hood of the car.

Commercial break.

Rey is laying motionless on the hood of the car, while Show stands in the ring. Show then comes out to the lowrider. He picks Rey up and carries him back into the ring. Rey just lies in the middle of the ring, still not moving much. Show picks him up, Rey bites Show on the head, spurring him to drop Rey. Rey lands on the ref, knocking him out of the ring. Show leaves the ring and comes back with a chair. Rey gets the chair away from Show, he hits him repeatedly in the legs, followed by a pair of shots to the head. Show lands in the ropes. Rey hits the 619, putting the big man down. Rey gets the chair again and hits him across the chest. Rey climbs the ropes and hits Eddie’s signature Frog Splash, but before he can go for the pin, Kane shows up, complete with ring post fire and theme music. Kane enters the ring, Rey watches but Show gets up behind Rey, the two catch Rey and give him a double choke slam.

The bell tolls and the Undertaker appears in the ring. Kane leaves quickly, leaving Show facing Taker. The two trade blows, Taker landing most of them. Taker hits a flying clothesline. Kane returns to the ring and gets caught in a chokeslam. Big Show catches a big boot, knocking him out of the ring. Randy Orton shows up, giving Undertaker an RKO, then leaving with his father, Cowboy Bob Orton. Randy opens the lowrider’s trunk and retrieves a crowbar as Taker gets up in the ring. Orton doesn’t get to use the crowbar as Taker catches him. Cowboy distracts Taker and Randy retrieves the crowbar and knocking Undertaker out as he lays in the back of the lowrider. Orton gets in the car, with Undertaker still in the back, he then puts the car in reverse and speeds it through the back of the set as Undertaker is laying over the back. That triggers a series of explosions as the car catches on fire. Randy had escaped and watches as it burns.

The screen fades to black and the Smackdown Special ends.


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