December 9, 2005

TV News: The Reunion is Over

We may never find out the who and why of the murder mystery at the core of serial drama Reunion. It was recently announced that Fox was canceling the Thursday night series. I have not seen any word on how many more episodes will air, or how many have been completed. However, it has been my understanding that it will not last out the season.

I do not claim to be a huge fan of the series, it isn't that good. I am intrigued by the 24 style employed in the serialization. Instead of each episode being an hour of real time, each week we moved a year into the future. The story was to reveal the reasoning behind a murder, spanning this information over a period of 20 years.

Reunion is soapy and melodramatic, at times reaching my limits to stand it. The concept, and Chyler Leigh, kept bringing me back. Now I have to question whether I really want to continue with it, knowing that I may never know the outcome.

Fox strikes once again. I know that the show wasn't snagging the snazziest of ratings, but it was airing on a competitive night. Perhaps it would have flourished on another night, or time, I don't know. I just get annoyed when shows have their legs cut out mid season, or if it is not an instant hit, it is deemed unworthy of promotion. Some shows need to be given time to cultivate an audience.

Well, this Reunion is over, move along, move along.


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