December 7, 2005

The Trailer Park: Brick

What a fascinating trailer. This definitely looks like an intriguing film. A mystery wrapped in a riddle with a troubled teen at its core. A tale of a fierce intelligence inside a matter of fact young man, who finds a purpose for himself when an ex-girlfriend places a frantic call to him, and promptly vanishes. This sets him on his journey of discovery.

The film stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, that's right, they kid from Third Rock from the Sun. He has come a long way since then. I remember first seeing him on the big screen in the Halloween sequel, H20, and not really thinking much of his future (well, who would, I was there for Michael Myers). But between last years excellent Mysterious Skin, and from the looks of it, Brick, he is turning into a fine young actor.

Brick looks like a droll mystery that falls into the Noir genre. Levitt, as Brendan, is digging deeper and deeper into the growing mystery surrounding Emily's (Emilie de Ravin) disappearance. He has few friends to help him, and a lot to lose. The trailer shows the escalating danger around each discovery, yet reveals nothing.

Now, time for the stretch analogy. Some actors/films work well within the droll, emotionless styles, while others sink under the weight of supporting it. I have not yet figured out why this is so, or what the contributing factors are. Judging by what I see in this trailer, and, by extension, Levitt's performance in Mysterious Skin, he is able to give these characters depth and the appearance of emotion without ever leaving the dry monotone delivery. On the other hand, films like Aeon Flux cannot pull it off to save its life, it sinks under its own self importance.

In any case, this looks like a remarkable film that I hope to get the chance to see. It was written and directed by first time feature maker Rian Johnson. Joseph Gordon Levitt co-stars with Lukas Haas, Emilie de Ravin (Lost), Richard Roundtree, and Matt O'Leary.

Check out the trailer and judge for yourself.

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