December 18, 2005

A Television Viewer's Diary: 12/11-12/17: Arrested Development

WARNING: The free form ramblings continue, be prepared for run-ons, incomplete thoughts, and atrocious punctuations. This is what happens to a mind on TV, it's not pretty, but kind of fun.

Best show I watched this week: Arrested Development
Worst show I watched this week: Shallow Ground

Sunday 12/11.

  • The Simpsons (Fox 8pm). Sideshow Bob returns or, rather, is found by the Simpsons in Italy as they transport Mr. Burns' new sportscar. We get to see the patriarchal version of Bob as he now has a wife and a son. However, nothing can suppress his desire to kill Bart. This was a mediocre episode of a mediocre season. **.5
  • Grey's Anatomy (ABC 10pm). Christmas time at the hospital, this should be lot's of fun. Alex is doing some last minute cramming for his boards, as he previously failed them. Izzie is not pleased with that. A young boy is rejecting his heart transplant. Lastly Cristina and Burke have a conflict in front of the help. Not to shabby. This series bridges the gap between the absurdity of Scrubs and the drama of ER. ***
  • Crossing Jordan (NBC 10pm). A woman long thought dead turns up, as an investigation reveals new evidence. This brings an old case back into focus for Jordan. Lilly is courted by a nervous DA. Still surprised that this series is still on. Crosses guilty pleasure and crime procedural. **.5

Monday 12/12.

  • WWE: Monday Night Raw (USA 9pm). ***
  • Arrested Development (Fox 8pm). Michael is attempting to get over his relationship with Rita, while Oscar shows back up and ends up back in prison after being swapped with his brother. Lucille is seducing the warden, Gob is trying to break into prison, and George Michael is hoping for more with Maybbe, who just wants someone to read a script. This is a great show. ****

Tuesday 12/13.

  • Bones (Fox 8pm). Christmas comes to the lab in the form of an airborne pathogen which puts them all in lockdown. This allows them to learn a little more about each other, while trying to celebrate Christmas. Not to mention the mystery of a 40 year old murder. This show does a great job at presenting characters, and using the cases to do that rather than just being about the case. ***
  • House (Fox 9pm). Great characters and interesting cases both play a part in this series. A woman falls ill, but turns out that she is doing to herself, but is that everything? The team works on the case while House deals with Forman being in charge. That leads to some new conflicts. ***.5

Wednesday 12/14.

  • That 70's Show (Fox 8pm). The gang decides to steal the Fatso the clown statue from the local burger joint. This causes an uproar, led by Kitty, but Red is actually in favor of the theft. Donna gets a rush from the act, but may want to take it to far. This was fun. The show is not really suffering the loss of Grace and Kutcher. ***
  • Stacked (Fox 8:30). An iPod with a collection of 80's tracks leads Gavin down a path he should not go down. He asks out the owner of the player, only to find out that she is 17. Meanwhile Kat and Stuart look into the bathroom guy. This is not a good show, but one I find liking for some reason. ***
  • Alias (ABC 10pm). Syd is captured and drugged to find out what she knows. Vaughan's memory is used against her to trick her into giving up certain information. Meanwhile, Jack is out looking for her. Good episode. Too bad this is the last season. ***

Thursday 12/15.

  • Joey (NBC 8pm). Haven't watched this all that much this season, but time permitted this week. It was OK, it played up the potential romance between Joey and the neighbor girl, I forget her name. Two episodes aired centering on a Christmas party and unrequited love. **.5
  • Everybody Hates Chris (UPN 8pm). I do not get to watch this every week as I would like, but I am glad when I have the chance, it is one of the best new shows this season. This week is Christmas, Chris' school is taking up a food collection, for Chris! Meanwhile, his sister learns there is no Santa, and Chris isn't getting a present this year. ***.5
  • Reunion (Fox 9pm). Will we, or won't we? The plug has been pulled, not sure how many eps are left, and here we stand on the precipice of another unresolved mystery. This week leads us to 1994, the year one of them runs for office and has to deal with a past infidelity. ***

Friday 12/16.

  • Ghost Whisperer (CBS 8pm). Melinda uncovers a malicious dead comedian while at a comedy club. Her investigation reveals that the dead hold their own show at night. She continues looking into it, turns out he committed suicide, but regrets what he did. The show is becoming formulaic, but the end of this week seems to suggest it is about to be broken. **.5
  • WWE: Friday Night Smackdown (UPN 8pm). Featured the debut of Kid Kash, who beat Super Crazy. Also, new tag champs are crowned as Rey Mysterio and Batista defeat MNM. ***

Saturday 12/17.

  • Shallow Ground (SciFi 9pm). Didn't even finish it, I was too bored. A boy covered in blood appears at a remote police station. Strange things happen, hidden pasts, blah blah blah. *
  • TNA: Wrestling Impact (Spike 11pm). Fun, crazy stuff. Ron Killings leaves the 3 Live Kru. Sting is rumored to be coming. Shannon Moore debuts. Plus great wrestling action. ***

That is all for this week.


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