December 5, 2005

The show opens with Joey Styles and Jerry Lawler talking about Ric Flair's arrest this past week in a case of road rage. They also hype Ric as the first guest of Edge's new segment, The Cutting Edge.

Vince McMahon's music hits, and we watch as he drives a garbage truck out to the ring. Once in the ring, which has an executive chair on a podium and a pair of podiums, he talks of taking out the trash, with regards to Eric Bishcoff's failure last week. He introduces Bischoff to the ring, who makes his way slowly down the entrance way. Vince pleads for his job, claiming to have such love for the business. Vince then says tonight is the Trial of Eric Bischoff, with himself as judge. Eric's defense is to be performed by Jonathan Coachman. Coach tries to allay any fears Eric may have. Coach then makes his opening statement, calling Eric an @$$hole. Saying that he has to be that way in order to deliver the finest in sports entertainment. The prosecution is Mick Foley, who comes down all in black, carrying a Batman lunch box. Mick states that Eric helped Raw back in WCW, when he gave away the finish to a Mankind championship match, which signified a change in the ratings war.

Commercial break.

Match 1 is a tag team championship match. Kane and The Big Show defend their belts against The Heartthrobs, Viscera and Val Venis, and Tyson Tomko and Snitsky in a Fatal Four Way. The match opens with a big brawl with everyone in the ring. Kane and Show dominate everyone. It ends quickly with a triple chokeslam performed on Tomko, Romeo, and Venis.

Scene shifts to the Trial of Bischoff. Vince calls the session to order. Chris Masters is the bailiff. Mick calls his first witness, Stephanie McMahon. She is asked about Bischoff's conduct, she states that she and Shane believe he should be removed. She then presents a video segment, Exhibit A. It goes back to a 2002 show where Eric, after removing a Vince mask, lands a big kiss on Stephanie.

Commercial break.

They come back from commercial to hype their annual Tribute to the Troops. The WWE has been going to the Middle East each year to visit with and perform the troops. A very good thing, if you ask me.

The second match is a a woman's match pitting Mickie James, with Trish Stratus, against Victoria, with Torrie Wilson and Candace Michelle. Mickie gets the early lead, landing a big drop kick. Victoria gets the advantage, throwing Mickie to her wolves. Back into the ring, Victoria hits a nice slam, then lands punches to the head, followed by another body slam. She then stands on Mickie before hitting a standing moonsault. She goes for the first pin, 2 only. Mickie is just being dominated at this point in the match. Mickie breaks free and lands a few punches, but is quickly slowed by a big clothesline. In the corner, Victoria is the victim of a big head scissors, followed by a pair of clotheslines. Mickie pulls Torrie in and lands some stomps to the back. Candace serves as a distraction as Victoria rolls Mickie up for the pin. Mickie is in the ring looking at Trish in a very disappointed way.

Back to the courtroom. Tajiri is on the stand, a translator says that he was big star in Japan, and ignored by Eric. He them says he hopes Eric gets fired. Coach then requests Tajiri get back to the ring for a match with Triple H. Mick calls his next witness, Mae Young and Fabulous Moolah.

Commercial break.

Back to court, Mae is talking about Eric's lack of genitalia. This leads to Exhibit B, Eric and Mae kissing in the ring, followed by a bronco buster. Mae is then excused. Coach calls his first witness, Chris Masters. Masters misstates his real name, and is summarily excused by Vince.

In the locker room, Shelton Benjamin is getting ready with Shawn Michaels, who goes over Shelton's accomplishments. Shawn then says that Shelton's career has not amounted to much. After this "pep" talk, I am sensing a heel turn. The two of them take on Kurt Angle and Carlito later on.

Commercial break.

Coach is set to call his next witness, but he is not there yet.

Match 3 has Chavo Guerrero taking on Lance Cade. They lock up in the middle of the ring, Chavo gets early control. He lands punches,but when coming off the ropes, Lance tosses Chavo to the outside. The fight continues outside as Lance throws Chavo into the ring post, then back in the ring. Lance lands a back breaker and gets a 2 count pin attempt. Chavo gets up and regains control, landing more punches to the head. Lance drives Chavo to the corner, stopping Chavo's momentum. Lance goes for a vertical suplex, Chavo counters to a DDT. Chavo climbs the ropes and hits a frog splash and gets the pin.

Coach is questioning Daivari. Daivari speaks very highly of Eric, a man who gave him a chance when others wouldn't. Vince didn't hear anything, as he was listening to the awful Ashlee Simpson on his iPod. Then a recess is called. Mick digs into his moonpies!

Commercial break.

Edge and Lita are in the ring for The Cutting Edge. Edge welcomes everyone to the show, he says he will ask the tough questions that we all want to know. He goes on to trash Flair, until Michael PS Hayes and Sgt.Slaughter come down to get Edge out of the ring. They then get trashed. The two enter the ring. Hayes gets a mic and complains about the kids and their lack of respect, quite an impassioned speech. This, in my mind, helps give Edge some more credibility. The argument escalates to the point where the fisticuffs are thrown. Edge lays out both Hayes and Slaughter.

Commercial break.

Match 4, Tajiri is waiting in the ring. Triple makes his entrance. Tajiri gets early offense, but Triple H puts a stop to that. Hunter pounds Tajiri down in the corner, followed by a vertical suplex. Tajiri fights back, landing some punches and a handspring elbow. He tries to lock in a tarantula, but Hunter gets out and throws him out of the ring. Hunter goes out after him and throws him back in. Tajiri gets a kick to the head, but is caught in a spinebuster. Triple H then hits the Pedigree followed by a three count. Quick match.

Once again to the courthouse. Coach calls Simon Dean, but the Boogeyman shows up instead. Boogey is holding a clock, worms are hanging out of his nose, he talks about Eric not having much time left. Rather bizarre segment.

Commercial break.

Back in the arena. In the back, Triple H bumps into Big Show, who says that Hunter's time is coming.

Mick calls his final witness, Maria. She requests to questioned by Mr. Socko. She is asked about Eric's performance. She goes into a well spoken tirade about his misuse of power. They all pause as they watch Maria leave. Court is now adjourned, and will be closed in the ring.

Commercial break.

Main event has Kurt Angle, with Daivari, coming to the ring with the "You Suck" chants censored. Next up is his partner, Carlito. Shelton Benjamin comes out next, to a huge pop in front of his hometown crowd. HBK then makes his way down to the ring for this main event tag match. Shelton and Carlito start. The two trade hammer locks, until Shelton suplexes Carlito and lands some head shots. Carlito scrambles out and tags in Angle. Kurt works on the ankle, but Shelton gets out and hits an arm drag and a clothesline. Then Carlito gets flapjacked. Back to Angle, Shelton gets flipped over and then hits the Dragon Whip.

Commercial break.

Back to the match, HBK is on his back and Carlito is laying in the boots. Back up, HBK hits a neckbreaker and tags in Shelton.Shelton hits his version of a backbreaker, and takes the fight top Angle. Daivari is a distraction as Angle takes Shelton down from behind. Carlito comes out and throws Shelton back in. Angle is tagged in, with Shelton caught in the corner. Shelton fights back and gets in some big hits, then gets caught by an Angle belly to belly suplex. Carlito is tagged in. Shelton is knocked down, and Angle is tagged back in. Shelton is caught in a waist lock. Angle goes for the Angle Slam, but Shelton counters to a DDT, both men are down. HBK gets tagged in and he is dominating Carlito, he goes to the top rope and hits a flying elbow. HBK starts tuning up the band, but Shelton tags himself in, misses a crossbody and gets rolled up by Carlito for the pin. Angle and Carlito are your winners. Michaels is dumbfounded. HBK offers Shelton a hand up, which is refused. Shelton pushes HBK away and walks to the back alone.

Triple H meets McMahon in the back as he arrives for judgment. Triple H then says he wants Eric to stay, mainly because he can manipulate the GM. Vince then introduces him to Stephanie (those who don't know, Triple H and Stephanie are married in real life).

Commercial break.

The ring has the podiums back, as we prepare for closing arguments. Mick goes first, saying Eric has abused his power for too long, it's time to take out the trash. Now for Coach, before he speaks, Eric takes the mic and tries to prove how good a job he has done and bringing in the money. While Eric tries to prove his point, John Cena arrives. Cena talks about crowd censorship, and how Vince and Eric are nothing alike. Vince is for free speech, and Eric is all for censorship. Cena does a quick poll of the crowd, who clearly want Eric gone. Vince then says that the title will be defended in an Elimination Chamber, but Eric won't see it. "Eric Bischoff, You're Fired!" Cena hits an FU on Bischoff. Outside the ring Vince bodyslams Eric into the garbage truck, and then drives off with him in the back.

The show ends.


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