November 22, 2005

TV Recap: WWE: Smackdown - "Remembering Eddie Guerrero"

The show opens with Eddie Guerrero's entrance music and Batista driving a lowrider to the ring, much like Eddie would have done. Batista got out of the car and entered the ring wearing an Eddie Guerrero T-shirt, and doing a little of his trademark shimmy.He spoke of how much he misses Eddie and how he may not be the right person to be speaking of him. He told how much Eddie loved his family and how much he loved the wrestling business.It closed with Eddie's music playing again.He left his belt on the hood of the lowrider as he left.

Next was a video package of Eddie moments, including winning the title and driving Vince to the ring in the lowrider. It also had some film clips of him as a child and photos with his family. It was accompanied by a mellow acoustic song which I did not recognize.

Commercial break.

Eddie video clip: Eddie speaking of how happy he was as a child, his mother spoke of how she came to name him Eduardo Gory Guerrero. Eddie is also heard talking about his large family and their involvement in the wrestling business from a very early age.

The first match features Matt Hardy taking on Carlito. The two lockup with Carlito getting the early edge. Matt gets on top after a hair pull. Carlito, back in charge, goes for the first pin, only a 2 count. Lots of back and forth action. Matt hits a Side Effect, followed by his leg drop, but misses the Twist of Fate. Carlito pushes Matt to the ropes, but gets caught in another Twist of Fate. Your winner is Matt Hardy. This was a pretty good match.

Vince McMahon speaks of how great a performer Eddie was. He was a fine craftsman, happy in the ring performing for the crowds. Speaking again of how much Eddie cared and loved his family, his blood family and his wrestling family.

Commercial break.

Eddie speaking of losing his family and how he was able to regain his family. How much he cared for his wife and thankful for being able to reunite with them.

Match two was a tag match pitting Animal and Heidenreich against Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. Cade and Heidenreich start the match with Heidenreich dominating early. Heidenreich gets tossed outside where Murdoch beats up on him before throwing him back in. Murdoch tags in and keeps Heidenreich from tagging Animal. Animal gets tagged in and takes control. LOD hits the Doomsday Device on Cade for the win. Not a terribly interesting match.

Booker T with Sharmell spoke about his times with Eddie, dating back to the WCW days. He extends their wishes and thoughts to Eddie's family.

Commercial Break.

Clips: Eddie and Chavo in the "Lying, Cheating, and Stealing" clips. That is followed by them doing their cheating thing in the ring. Lots of comedy ensues. Some great stuff here.

Big Show speaks of Eddie, how much he will be missed, he has trouble retaining his composure. Seeking peace in the Eddie being with God now.

Commercial break.

Eddie talks about how he played other sports, football, baseball, but once high school came, it was all about wrestling. They had a ring in their backyard which acted as their playground, it was also their punishment, setting it up, when they were punished. Growing up in El Paso going to the wrestling shows and perform during the intermissions.

The Third match was Chavo Guerrero (no more Kerwin White) taking on JBL. Chavo had early control over his much larger opponent. Chavo performing in a style very similar to his Uncle Eddie.JBL gains control and just dominates Chavo. JBL locks in a sleeper for awhile until Chavo fights out of it. Chavo counters the Last Call into a DDT. Chavo then pulls an Eddie move making the ref think he got hit with a chair. After that, Chavo hits the Three Amigos (vertical suplexes), followed with a Frog Splash for the win! Chavo wins the match dedicating his performance to his Uncle.

Eddie's mother talking about Eddie as a young boy, always wanting to be held by his parents. Sweet moment.

Commercial break.

Michael Cole and Tazz remember Eddie and the calling of his matches. Tazz spoke of being a friend of Eddie's for 10 years. They spoke of his dream to main event Wrestlemania, which he did in 2004 against Kurt Angle. We get a segment of Eddie talking about his experience there. It closes with the footage of his win to retain the championship.

JBL speaks of Eddie and the times he had wrestling him. He has known Eddie and his family for a long time and they have been friends for a long time. Eddie stepped up for JBL and helped make him a main eventer.

Commercial Break.

Vintage clip: Eddie taking on Brock Lesnar at No Way Out 2004 when he won the championship. What a moment, watching him win and embrace his mother.

Match 3 is cruiserweight battle royale with Brian Kendrick (Spanky), Paul London, Tajiri, Scotty 2 Hotty, Nunzio, Funaki, Juventud, Super Crazy, Psycosis, Gregory Helms, and Kid Kash. It starts off with everyone against the Raw entrants, Tajiri and Helms. Lots of fast paced action. Juvy eliminates Kendrick. Nunzio eliminates Super Crazy. Funaki eliminated Tajiri. Funaki eliminated by Helms. Scotty does an Eddie Shimmy and hits the worm on Nunzio and Helms. Scotty eliminates Kid Kash. London eliminates Helms. Scotty and Psycosis eliminated by Nunzio. London and Juvy eliminate Nunzio. Two are left. Juvy whips London over the top for the win. Fun match.

Vintage clip: Eddie and Chyna in their mamacita phase. Funny stuff.

Commercial break.

Next up are clips of Eddie in his last match where he took on Mr. Kennedy. He won by cheating, making the ref think that he was hit with a chair.

Shane McMahon makes a rare television appearance. He spoke of the Guerrero family legacy and how much he stood out. He loved to perform, loved the business, and was a consummate professional. He also reiterated how much Eddie loved his family and how much he will be missed.

Commercial break.

Vintage clip: Eddie celebrating with Chris Benoit after Benoit's win at Wrestlemania XX.

Match 4 is Triple H taking on Chris Benoit. Triple H paused on his way to the ring to look at the ever present lowrider in the entrance way. Benoit made his way slowly to the ring, the camera paying notice to the still present championship belt on the lowrider's hood. Benoit goes for the Crossface early, but Triple H slips out of the ring before it can get locked in. A few more punches land and Benoit tries it again, Triple H again slips out of the ring. "Eddie!" chants kick up. Back in the ring Benoit goes for the Sharpshooter, but can't lock it in. The fight goes to the outside, Benoit laying some vicious chops and throws him into the steps. Back in the ring Benoit lands the Ten Punch in the corner, followed by Triple H's version of the Flair flop. Benoit charges, but Triple H gets out of the way and Benoit is thrown to the outside.

Commercial break.

Back to the match, Benoit is lying on the mat as Triple H starts to take control. Triple H goes for the pin, but Chris kicks out. Benoit comes off the ropes and lands a punch, both men go down. Once back up, Benoit lands more chops, but Triple H hits the spinebuster. Tazz spoke about when he broke his neck in a match where he tagged with Eddie against Dean Malenko and 2 Cold Scorpio, and how Eddie stepped up, checking on Tazz and keeping the match going. Triple H locks in an abdominal stretch, Benoit fights his way out of it. Benoit lands more chops, but Triple H throws him to the ropes and gets a sleeper hold. Benoit gets out and slaps on a sleeper of his own. Triple H gets out and tries to a pedigree, but Benoit counters with a slingshot to the turnbuckle followed by a series of 3 German Suplexes. Benoit gives trademark throat slash and climbs the ropes, hitting his flying headbutt. Triple H regains control after throwing Benoit to the ropes, he goes for the Pedigree, but Benoit counters into the Crippler Crossface. Triple H tries to role out of the hold, but Chris holds on, he then roles Triple H over for the pin. The winner of this match is Chris Benoit. Good match! Benoit near tears points his finger to the heavens. "Eddie!" chants begin. Triple H and Chris Benoit embrace in the center of the ring, both of them with tears in their eyes. Both point to the heavens, leading further chants.

Dean Malenko enters the ring hugs Chris and raise their arms to the heavens in tribute to their fallen friend. The show ends with a closeup on the belt still laying on the lowrider.

RIP Eddie Guerrero.


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