November 9, 2005

The Trailer Park: Three... Extremes

I remember reading about this a long time ago, but it quickly fell off my radar, but it was just reintroduced to me by way of this trailer. What do you get when you take three of Asia's premiere directors of the bizarre and team them up on a single work? You'd get Three... Extremes.

I cannot attest to the quality of the work, but the trailer looks utterly bizarre. It is filled with surreal environments, creepy people, and the potential for bloodletting. It is a collection of three films about extreme circumstances.

The directors involved are Takashi Miike (Audition, Ichii the Killer), Park Chan-wook (Oldboy), and Fruit Chan (Hollywood Hong Kong). I am familiar with the work of two of these directors. I have been a fan of Miike's for some time now, he has crafted a number of creepy, hyper-violent, and bizarre films. Park Chan-Wook has also emerged as an incredible new voice on the cinema market, espcially with his revenge epic Oldboy. To me Chan is the unknown variable, mainly because I have not seen any of his work.

Overall, this definitely looks like something that would be of great interest to me. Two thirds looks excellent, and what I have seen of the third could be just as good.

Check out the trailer HERE.


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