November 7, 2005

A Television Viewer's Diary: 10/30-11/5: Prison Break

WARNING: The free form ramblings continue, be prepared for run-ons, incomplete thoughts, and atrocious punctuations. This is what happens to a mind on TV, it's not pretty, but kind of fun.

Best show I watched this week: Prison Break
Worst show I watched this week: Law & Order

Sunday 10/30.

  • Grey's Anatomy (ABC 10pm). A train wreck floods the hospital with a plethora of carnage. This picks up after last week's ultimatum, Meredith is at the bar waiting, her friends watching on, sadly. Then the wreck happens and they all rush back to the hospital, despite Meredith being half in the bag. Two people come in impaled by a metal rod, one must moved to save the other. A pregnant couple deal with their injuries. Kristina searches for a severed leg. The show is a good mix of the sentimental and the absurd. Does anyone else think Meredith looks like an old young person? ***
  • Technology Gaffe of the Season 2. One of my VCRs was not set to detect DST, so the time never changed. I meant to tape Crossing Jordan and got L&O: Criminal Intent.
  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent (NBC 9pm). At least this episode featured D'Onofrio, I don't really care for the Noth character. This episode features a young woman gunned down on the streets, who did it? Was it the guys about to stick them up, or the stalking ex-girlfriend, or perhaps just random? Or maybe, just maybe it was by the boyfriend and his best friend, putting all of their acting chops to the test. ***

Monday 10/31.

  • WWE: Monday Night Raw (USA 9pm).
  • Prison Break (Fox 9pm). Picking up some speed, this break out is taking off. It is becoming more and more compelling in its over the top nature with every passing week. Lincoln wants to get out and find his son. Michael is having trouble dealing with T-Bag's boy toy suicide and trying to protect the fresh meat. Abruzzi is having some money problems. ****

Tuesday 11/1.

  • My Name is Earl (NBC 9pm). Earl's wife wants a hot tub as repayment for Earl's destruction of a beauty pageant prize, so he sets out to replace the destroyed figurine. This leads to him helping out the competition. ***.5
  • The Office (NBC 9:30). Dwight thinks he can beat anybody with his martial arts skills. The office shuts down so that Dwight can take on Michael. Meanwhile, Michael is putting off signing the end of quarter paperwork. This is a must see for any cubicle dwellers. ***.5
  • Bones (Fox 8pm). Back after it's brief sports induced hiatus. The case involves human remains found in the stomach of a bear. Turns out people were being used in a perversion of a Native American ritual. Meanwhile, the lab guys compete for the affections of a delivery girl. ***
  • House (Fox 9pm). Ron Livingston guest stars as a crusading doctor who may or may not have TB, it is up to House and crew to find the real reasons for his illness. Plus, Forman ticks off a patient while wearing House's name tag. Great show. ***.5

Wednesday 11/2.

  • That 70's Show (Fox 8pm). Well, it's back without Topher Grace and, soon, Ashton Kutcher. It was actually better than much of last season. Hyde returns to town, Jackie is sulking, and Kitty is making a tape for Eric. The big news is Hyde marrying a stripper in Vegas and a new guy getting hired at the record store. ***
  • Law & Order (NBC 10pm). A street vendor is murdered, he was a good man trying to help the neighborhood. The suspect dies while in custody. Turns out that she was given an IUD with an illegal drug that killed her. The nurse at the clinic is arrested and put on trial for the murder. It becomes a look at eugenics. ***
  • South Park (Comedy Central 10pm). The kids get paired off to take care of an egg as a child, but Mr(s). Garrison turns it into an anti-gay marriage crusade. The whole experiment threatens to tear Stan and Kyle's friendship apart. ***

Thursday 11/3.

  • Everybody Hates Chris (UPN 8pm). Chris's parents are going out and leave a babysitter behind, one who isn't as responsible as Chris is. Babies and daddies and more mommies and a hold up all impact Chris's desire to watch the ballgame. ***
  • Smallville (WB 8pm). The show opens with a Dodge Charger racing onto the Kent farm, behind the wheel, Tom Wopat. He is a senator looking to get away from the press, and to escape his possible involvement in the murder of a stripper. Chloe and Lois are undercover there, and Lois ends up as a stripper. Fun episode. It was good seeing Schneider and Wopat and the Dukes references. ***
  • Reunion (Fox 9pm). Returning after a sports hiatus, the 20 year murder mystery is back. It is a little soapy for my usual tastes, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it. This episode has the gang reuniting in 89, Malloy's boss is arrested by the FBI, two others are getting married, and we are about to see who the victim was. ***
  • CSI (CBS 9pm). A baby is found with an apparent suicide victim. It appears that the baby's mother is a virgin. The case leads back to a clinic allowing adoption of preborn embryos. It also goes back to the donor and their involvement in the murder. Meanwhile, Grissom has to refute insect evidence at a murder trial. ***
  • ER (NBC 10pm). Clemente has a top secret baby problem, a chimp in need. Ray's girlfriend turns out to be a 14 year old with chlamydia. Eve and Sam have to fire Hilay, and we have a robot surgeon. Then Greg has to deal with his father and half brother. ***

Friday 11/4.

  • Ghost Whisperer (CBS 8pm). Sappy and light, and still addictive. This week Melinda's husband gets in an accident, and on the way she meets a deceased woman who needs to help her seriously depressed husband. But nothing is ever easy, as that develops into helping an aging surgeon. Meanwhile, the shop is sold a fake watch. ***
  • Threshold (CBS 9pm). One of the better shows kicking off this season, with its X-Files like feel. This week Molly and the team track one of the victims, Sontag, to a church where the minister is interpreting the crystal forest as a way to heaven. Molly also has a vision of her protocols failing. ***.5
  • WWE: Friday Night Smackdown (UPN 8pm)

Saturday 11/5.

  • Nothing.

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