November 4, 2005

New Movies for 11/4: Featuring Jarhead

Not much new to choose from this week. I am also short on witty banter, so let us just take a look at what we have to choose from this week.

Chicken Little. Disney is tying to prove they can be a player in the computer animated movie realm. Their last attempt was a big misstep (Valiant), will this step up to the plate? So far Pixar has proven to be the animation house to rule the world, with Dreamworks close behind. On a side note, I think it was a big mistake to shut down the hand drawn animation department. Anyway, I have enjoyed the trailers for this, even with the weirdness that they contain.

Jarhead. I love the trailers and I love the music and I love many of the shots contained within. I also think that Jake Gyllenhal and Peter Sarsgaard are up and comers to keep an eye on. Sadly, it seems that the early word is not good. I still hold out hope that it is actually good and they don't know what they're talking about, as happens often. I believe this will be good, but I have also been known to be wrong.

Good Night and Good Luck. This is the one I have been looking forward too. I have heard the performances are first rate, and the film in general is very good. Clooney seems to be coming along nicely as a director. I have always had an interest in the whole McCarthy thing, despite my lack of any real knowledge in the area. I'm not saying to use the film as a substitute for actual learning, but it could be what is needed to spark the imagination.

That's it. Three films opening in my area. However here are the rest of the new releases, but they are not in my area:
  • Christmas in the Clouds
  • The Dying Gaul
  • I Love Your Work
  • Pledge This!
  • Zathura (Sneak Previews)


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