November 26, 2005

Interview: Judge D Part II

As I type this, Judge D is out on the road tearing up the stage. It's hard to get the time to stop and answer email, while performing shows, meeting fans, and any other of a variety of obligations that keep him away from the computer. I am glad to say that amidst his busy schedule he was able to sit down and answer a few more questions that I had sent.

For those of you who don't know who Judge D is, he is an up and coming artist coming out of LA on Suburban Noize Records. Earlier this year he released his sophomore album and his debut on this label, No Compromize. It is a great album, mixed with great beats, rhymes, and with a message that falls solidly on the positive side of the spectrum, never compromising his integrity or street cred.

You can read my review of No Compromize, or read Part I of the interview, otherwise, on with Part II.

Chris: I read that you have a son. Do you find it hard to balance life on the road and being a father? And has fatherhood changed your outlook on your life or music?
Judge D: Yes and this is a good question. They say to reach your dreams you must sacrifice, and right now I feel like he's my sacrifice. I've always said when your not raising your child some one else is and in today’s day and age that's a scary thing. The birth of my son completely changed my life. If it wasn't for him I would be dead or in jail. Its also made me wanna do something positive with my music for the future of the kids.

Chris: Speaking of being on the road, I can only imagine the wild things you have seen. Do you have any stories that you'd be willing to share?
Judge D: Singing on stage with one of the greatest bands of all time Pennywise, thanksgiving dinner @ Bizzares from D-12, Wicked Wonka and Ricter fucking a midget on the back of the bus.

Chris: What got you into the music business?
Judge D: My soul.

Chris: The hip hop/rock hybrid is a great sound for your music, were there any reasons for this direction, as opposed to a more traditional hip hop or rock style?Judge D: Honestly all I can do is be myself. I just hope in the long run people will listen past the music and hear the message.

Chris: Outside of your work with the Kottonmouth Kings, what artist(s) did you enjoy sharing a stage with most? And is there anyone that you would like to get out there with?Judge D: I'm just thankful I've got to not only share the stage , but kick it and get high with some of my favorite artists. As far as a dream collaboration I'd say Damien Marley or Michael Frante.

Chris: Could you ever see yourself branching out into movies or television, like Eminem or 50 Cent? There could we see a movie about the life of Judge D?
Judge D: I think I could do movies if I had to play some one close to my life. I definitely think before I'm done there needs to be a movie about the life and the message of Judge D.

Chris: Are there any stories behind your tattoos?
Judge D: All of my tattoos tell stories of my life. I just use art on my body to express my past experience. I love it.

Chris: Favorite Movie?
Judge D: Dances with wolves

Chris: Favorite Actor?
Judge D: Eddie Murphy

Chris: Favorite Actress?
Judge D: Angelina Jolie

Chris: Thank you so much for your time.

Be on the lookout for Judge D when he comes to your town!


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