October 5, 2005

The Trailer Park: Two for the Money

Opening this Friday is the latest film from DJ Caruso, who helmed last year's Taking Lives and 2002's underrated Salton Sea. For his latest entry he has Al Pacino, Matthew McConaughey, and Rene Russo to star.

The film is about an up and coming sports handicapper, played by McConaughey, who is discovered by the king of bookies, given a complete makeover and brought into the fold. The trailer chronicles the quick rise up the ranks, only to suffer a dizzying defeat.

It looks like it could be fun, mostly to the over the top performance of Pacino, that guy is always fun to see on the screen. McConaughey has his moments, and it looks like has brought some life to the role. Of course, I am basing this on a 2 minute trailer. Then there is the story, which doesn't seem all that intriguing, so this must be relying on the performances to carry it.

Hopefully it is good.

You can see the trailer at the official website: http://www.twoforthemoney.net/.

There are also a trio of film clips out there.

The first clip has McConaughey receiving the call from Pacino about his big break:
Low: http://www.twoforthemoney.net/media/tftm_offer_128k.mov
Medium: http://www.twoforthemoney.net/media/tftm_offer_300k.mov
High: http://www.twoforthemoney.net/media/tftm_offer_700k.mov

The second clip is a fun speech about sports betting from Al Pacino:
Low: http://www.twoforthemoney.net/media/tftm_walter_betting_128k.mov
Medium: http://www.twoforthemoney.net/media/tftm_walter_betting_300k.mov
High: http://www.twoforthemoney.net/media/tftm_walter_betting_700k.mov

The final clip has Pacino showing McConaughey his new office and introducing him to Jeremy Piven, who is the current top dog:
Low: http://www.twoforthemoney.net/media/tftm_jerry_brandon_128k.mov
Medium: http://www.twoforthemoney.net/media/tftm_jerry_brandon_300k.mov
High: http://www.twoforthemoney.net/media/tftm_jerry_brandon_700k.mov


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