October 28, 2005

New Movies for 10/28: Featuring Saw II

Will the box office break out of the blues its been experiencing? Who knows. One thing is for sure, this week is offering up some selections which may just push it over the hump. Then again, that has been said before and the films underperformed.

The Legend of Zorro. This looks like it could be a lot of fun. The first Banderas Zorro film was a blast, and this looks to amp it up. The action is over the top, the dialog is goofy, and the performances look like fun. The one thing that seems a bit much, to me, is the Zorro's son. Anyway, here's hoping for a fun, fast paced flick.

Prime. Uma Thurman and Meryl Streep star in his comedy about a young woman who is dating her therapist's son. Of course, neither realize this at first. That will clearly lead to comical situations. Not sure if I will see this.

Saw II. I liked the first film, and will hopefully enjoy the second. This is a series that is based on sadistic violence. Remove story logic and inject copious amounts of blood resulting from gruesome traps. I believe the only purpose of these films is to show that there are still horror (pseudo as it may be) movies can still have some blood in them. "Oh yes, there will be blood."

The Weather Man. Gore Verbinski is back with Nicolas Cage in this comedy about a weather man, his strained relationships, and those who don't like his forecast. This actually looks pretty good. It could turn out to be a heartwarming drama with a touch of the bizarre encompassing it.

Nosferatu w/ the Devil Music Ensemble. This is an absolute classic, The silent film will be playing one show at the local arthouse this Sunday. It will be accompanied with live music by the DME.

Capote. The Philip Seymour Hoffman starring picture about Truman Capote has had a lot of positive buzz. This is also opening at the local art house.

Also opening this week, but not near me:
  • Guarding Eddy
  • Paradise Now
  • The Passenger (Re-Issue)
  • Three... Extremes

That's it for this week.


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