October 3, 2005

Movie Recap: September 2005

September, the month for summer leftovers and early Oscar hopefuls. This month offered up some of the best and some of the worst films that I have seen this year. Read on to see what films I saw last month. They are listed in the order I saw them in.

Best of the Month: Serenity
Worst of the Month: A Sound of Thunder
  1. Transporter 2. Pure action adrenaline. Jason Statham is perfect in his role as hero in this way over the top actioner. ***
  2. A Sound of Thunder. This was absolutely awful. Bad effects, bad acting. It's a shame, the story on paper is very good. *
  3. The Constant Gardener. Probably the first real Oscar contender. This was a powerful film with great performances that works equally well as a thriller or a romance. ****
  4. 2046. Good music, good cinematography, good performances, but a story that I just didn't get. **.5
  5. The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Here was a surprise. A courtroom drama with an exorcism at it's heart. Creepy atmosphere and good performances help raise this film up. ***
  6. The Man. Not terribly memorable, but it was a fun diversion that worked well at poking fun at the Jackson and Levy character profiles. **.5
  7. Lord of War. Very good film from Andrew Niccol. A look at the world of gun running. It raises the questions with no answers among a good layer of dark humor. ***.5
  8. The Edukators. Interesting, if a bit long. Tells the story of a growing love triangle in the midst of activists who took their work to an undesired level. ***
  9. Venom. Very bad horror film surrounding voodoo in Louisiana. There are some decent concepts here, but the execution and performances are laughable. *.5
  10. Tim Burton's Corpse Bride. Lots of fun. Great designs, fun, yet simple story, good music. Not on the same level as Nightmare Before Christmas, but still a blast. ***
  11. Cry Wolf. Surprisingly well executed despite it's horrid script. A good thriller that actually kept me guessing. **.5
  12. Flightplan. Jodie Foster leads this taut little thriller. Doesn't hold together upon close inspection, but the film is a fun ride. ***
  13. Serenity. Joss Whedon brings the show to the big screen in fine fashion. I absolutely loved it, the humor, the action. Excellent. ****

That does it for this month.


M. Sphinx said...

Nice blog dude.

I don't know what to think of Serenity. I've never seen Firefly and one of the characters will forever be Sharon's husband in Two Guys, A Girl And a Pizza Place.

Still, lots of people tell me it's a good movie. Do you need to have any background knowledge on the characters to enjoy it?

Chris said...

Serenity is a wonderful film. Action, comedy, drama, it has a blend to keep it fun and exciting.

I don't think you need to be familiar with it to like, I know a few people who loved it and had no background.

Warning, if you do see it, you will probably have a strong urge to see the series!

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