August 29, 2005

The Trailer Park: Waiting

I've seen this trailer a few times in theaters over the past few months. I wish they would give it a release date already. It looks pretty funny, even if it does look to borrow from Kevin Smith's school of film making.

Waiting reminds me a lot of films like Clerks and Office Space. It follows an eclectic crew of restaurant workers and their adventurous way of approaching their job. This leads to a number of some humorous escapades that are sure to disgust the patrons of this fine eating establishment.

I was entertained by this trailer, and I hope to be by the film as well. Everything they do struck me as being a bit predictable, but I was helpless in it's grip, laughs emanated from my gut. One can only hope that the film proper will have the same effect.

The movie stars Ryan Reynolds, and judging by his appearance here it was made a few years ago before he started bulking up. Joining him are Justin Long, Anna Farris, and Luis Guzman. Here's hoping it's a fun flick when it finally arrives in theaters.

You can see the trailer HERE.


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