August 21, 2005

A Television Viewer's Diary: 8/14-8/20

Welcome to the latest edition of the Diary. Continuing my ramblings and comments about the week of TV that has just passed us by. Please excuse any incomplete thoughts and such. On with the show.

Sunday 8/14.

  • The 4400. This was a good episode, it reveals just how vulnerable NTAC is. A 4400 causes all of the men to suffer from uncontrollable rage. The office goes into lockdown until they can find out the cause. It was a good one. This show has really come into it's own after last year's mini series. ***
  • The Dead Zone. Johnny learns some new revelations about his father, which leads to more visions and a rescue from a building with a gas leak. Not one of the more compelling episodes, but still good. **.5

Monday 8/15.

  • WWE: Raw. This show was notable for the fantastic promo Shaun Michaels gave regarding his upcoming match with Hogan and his past with Bret Hart. It was OK wrestling wise, but that promo was great. ***
  • The Closer. This was a fun episode. Did the butler do it? Or perhaps one of the many dysfunctional family members. Brenda has some trouble trying to whittle down the suspects and reasons. The crazy kids are fun, and Stephen Tobolowsky has a good turn as the family lawyer. ***

Tuesday 8/16.

  • Miami Ink. Continuing my dislike for reality shows, this does show some talented artists and the varying reasons that people get tattoos. Even if you don't care for tattoos, this is an interesting look at the art form. ***
  • Rescue Me. One of my top three shows this summer continues it's consistently good programming. Franco tries to win Laura back. Tommy finds his wife's happy pills. Mike has some new friends following last weeks party. This is just flat out one of the best on TV. ***.5

Wednesday 8/17.

  • The Office (4 Episodes). In order to promote Steve Carrell's new movie and the upcoming second season. This was a fun group of episodes, I think they are better now than when i first saw them. Goofy office antics, anyone who works in an office will probably see a little reality in this show. ***.5
  • Over There. Continuing compelling television sometimes seems like a vast wasteland. Over There is one of the shows currently breathing life into the wasteland. This episode has our squad trying to smoke out a spotter who is helping land mortar fire on passing vehicles and soldiers. It was a good episode focusing on the morally ambiguous decisions that are made. ***.5

Thursday 8/18.

  • WWE: Smackdown. Decent show, the last before Summerslam. Eddie continues taunting Rey, announcing that their match is now a ladder match. Heidenreich and Animal become the LoD and have another squash match. Christian had the Mexicools as his guests, they turn around and beat him down. Undertaker made his final statement regarding his match with Randy Orton. ***
  • Starved. This is proving to be rather addictive. Granted it is aiming for the shock value, but the characters are oddly compelling. Each one dealing with their own disorders. ***
  • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. What happens when the guys decide to serve minors in a "controllable" situation. This of course leads to an incident involving the guys getting invited to prom. I can't say that I liked this episode, it was just a little to far out there. **

Friday 8/19.

  • Monk. Natalie has to go to a wedding for a relative, this leads to the revelation that she comes from a wealthy family. The wedding is the stage for the latest mystery, involves the wedding party and an unsolved case from Disher's past. We get a nice blend of Monk style comedy, and some revelations and touching moments involving Natalie and her family, helping to block out the memory of Sharona. ***
  • Stargate: SG-1. Amanda Tapping returns to the cast as the team sets out on the Prometheus to a planet where a Prior has been keeping the gate open and a force field is quickly enveloping the surface. Turns out everyone is being manipulated into helping create a beach head for the Auri. Fortunately Vala is there to save the day. I liked this episode, but I still don't care for Beau Bridges on SG-1. ***
  • Stargate: Atlantis. This one didn't really hold my attention, although I did enjoy seeing McKay's angry side. **
  • Battlestar Galactica. Continuing to be one of the best shows on television. The fleet is split in two, between those with Adama, and those with the President. We also have the return of Starbuck, along with one of the Cylon Boomer, which leads to confrontations with Apollo. Boomer leads the group to Kobol in search of Athena's tomb, but get ambushed by Cylons. Meanwhile Adama selects a new captain, who isn't all that good at being a leader. This is great stuff that any sci-fi fan should be watching. ***.5

Saturday 8/20.

  • Nothing.

End. Transmission.

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