August 12, 2005

DVD Review: Metallica - Out of the Loop

I love Metallica's music. I even like the newer material, although I do prefer the 80's era. Anyway, I was hoping to get an idea of where they came from. In a way you do, but not in the most ideal format.

As I started playing the disk, I felt a strong feeling of deja vu. The disk opened stating that there was no original music from the band and that the contents were not authorized by the band, their label, or their management. Then the disk started and the title appeared Metallica: Dark Souls. What? I checked the case again, that isn't what it said, the case said Metallica: Out of the Loop. I just went through a similar situation when I viewed the lackluster Green Day: Suburbia Bomb.

Then disaster struck, the British voice of Sian Jones emanated from my speakers. "Not again," I thought. I am not sure what these people are thinking when they cast narrator voices for these things. Hearing the same voice on two disks makes me think they have her locked in a room, hand her the copy and have her read one right after the other. Some sort of narrator factory.

The content itself is rather lackluster too. It's all talking heads with the occasional archival footage of a band member saying "Hi" or some other nonsense. We get a parade of supposed friends and acquaintances. A big problem here is that these are essentially nobodies relating anecdotes from the past that don't always offer any insight into the bands formation. Everything we are offered just seems like its scratching the surface. You know, everyone is great, everyone has strong personalities, blah, blah, blah.

I did find this a bit more interesting than the Green Day disk, being a bigger fan. Still, I was left feeling flat. Then there is all the generic metal music used throughout. Do you have any idea how awkward it is hearing this lame music played while looking at a clip of Metallica onstage?

On the plus side, you can take a nifty little quiz on your Metallica knowledge after watching the disk!

Bottomline. I can't, in good faith, recommend this disk. There are a few interesting little nuggets, but overall it is like listening to a bunch of fans fawn over their favorite band and spout little facts as if they were best friends. I was hoping for more.

Not Recommended.

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