August 2, 2005

Box Office Update: 7/29-31

Hollywood has nothing to worry about, they still have a slump to complain about. Ticket sales were down over 21% from the same weekend last year. Of course, it doesn't help when you have two big budgeted would be blockbusters tank in their opening weekends.

For the good news, Wedding Crashers overtook Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to take over the first place slot. It is a very funny movie that has done a good job at retaining it's audience, suffering relatively small drops in box office take during its first three weeks. Both of those films are still pulling decent numbers, but they aren't facing much competition.

None of the three new releases posed much of a threat. I think that Sky High and Must Love Dogs had decent showings for their debut. But, for the second week in a row a film with a big budget, and high expectations, failed to make so much as a splash in the cinematic ocean. That film is Stealth, bad reviews did not help it's case.

The Island slips further down the list, it's take dropping over 50% from week one. That is a shame too, as the film is better than that. Although, between it and Stealth, perhaps Hollywood will begin to take the hint that we don't always want this big budget special effects films, perhaps they could find the inspiration to lower the budgets and increase the quality. Nah, I don't really think they will either.

Now for a couple of notes for off top 10 films, Batman Begins has slipped out of the top 10 for the first time since it's release 7 weeks ago, the box office is starting to trail downward as it closes on the $200 million mark. It is currently just shy of $196 million mark, it can make it but it will probably be close. The Devil's Reject has fallen to 12 in it's second week, granted this film is not for everyone, but it deserves better than it is getting.

This WeekLast WeekTitleWknd GrossOverallWeek in release
12Wedding Crashers$20,023,159$115,622,1393
21Charlie and the Chocolate Factory$16,384,332$148,095,5223
3NSky High$14,631,784$14,631,7841
5NMust Love Dogs$12,855,321$12,855,3211
63Fantastic Four$6,912,725$136,257,6164
74The Island$5,963,223$24,319,2602
85Bad News Bears$5,634,919$22,667,0382
96War of the Worlds$5,481,239$218,369,2645
1010March of the Penguins$4,030,894$16,330,2416

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