July 25, 2005

The Week That Was.....A Viewer's Diary: 7/17-7/23

Welcome to my week. It is true, I watch too much TV. It's so you don't have to, or to perhaps inspire you to watch more. Who knows. I'm sick.

Sunday 7/17.

  • Family Guy. Lois the klepto? She steals anything and everything she can get her hands on. This lands her in jail, and Peter in charge of the house. This leads to the usual hilarious hijinks. ***
  • The 4400. This was a very interesting episode, Baldwin goes to work and finds everything is different, no 4400, Collier is still alive, his son was never in a coma, and he is remarried. This turns out to be an elaborate trick to create a perceived needed ally. ****
  • The Dead Zone. This was also very good. It features an autistic boy who travels a great distance to find Johnny, who he perceives as a grand wizard who can help him free his father. Turns out his father was serving time as a bad cop. It turns out that the boy was a witness and can free his father. It was a wonderful story told within the construct of the boy's fantasy. ****

Monday 7/18.

  • WWE: Raw. OK show. Featured a rematch between Shelton and Carlito, which Carlito disqualified himself. Matt Striker returned to challenge Kurt Angle. Rosey takes the Masterlock challenge. Then we have Edge taking on Kane in a cage, but Matt Hardy jumps the barricade for a few shots first. Edge eventually won. The main event was a rather dull lumberjack match between Cena and Snitsky. **.5
  • The Closer. A young woman is murdered, and it turns out that it was all planned by an angry ex boyfriend. It was all set up to look like she wanted it, advertising for some rough sex. ***

Tuesday 7/19.

  • Rescue Me. The house goes to sensitivity training, and teaches the instructor a thing or two. Tommy considers taking his ex to court for the kids. Jerry finds his wife (suffering Alzheimer's) in bed with another man. Tommy has a half brother turn up. This is one of the best shows you're not watching. ****

Wednesday 7/20.

  • 30 Days. Probably the least of the episodes I've seen. A mother wants to teach her 19 year old daughter a lesson by going on a 30 day bender. I am not sure that this was a good idea, there are other ways. I mean, come on, this underage girl is binge drinking 4+ nights a week, blacking out, not knowing how she got home, and thinks it's OK! I say send some cops in and bust up the parties for one. *
  • Miami Ink. I am not one for reality shows, but this was interesting. I was most interested in seeing them do the work, and the people deciding what they want, more than watching them get the shop set up. ***
  • Criss Angel: Mindfreak. This guy is insane. It is interesting seeing some magic on TV again. Criss is flamboyant and bizarre, fun to watch. ***

Thursday 7/21.

  • WWE: Smackdown. This show featured a couple of top notch matches. The show started with Rey taking on Super Crazy, it was a good 15+ minute match, sadly ended in a DQ when Eddie got involved. There is a quick squash of a couple of jobbers by Animal and Heidenreich. Then there was another excellent match between Eddie and Benoit. Decent overall. ***

Friday 7/22.

  • Stargate: SG-1. The second episode of he season has Mitchell fighting a holographic knight and Daniel and Vala transported into the bodies of a couple on another planet. ***
  • Stargate: Atlantis. Since I missed last week, I feel like I missed a lot. apparently the team was able to visit Earth briefly. This episode has them returning onboard the Daedalus, but the computer is infected with an intelligent virus. Decent episode, I look forward to where it is going. **.5
  • Battlestar Galactica. Much like Atlantis, I missed the premiere and fear that I missed something. The primary story here is a Cylon boarding party on board the Galactica. This had a tense dark edge to it. ***

Saturday 7/23.

  • Justice League Unlimited. This episode deals with some closure to Batman Beyond. I reveals how closely Terry and Bruce are, as well as giving visions of the future Justice League. Not great, but a very good episode. ***

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