July 3, 2005

The Week That Was.....A Viewer's Diary: 6/26-7/2

This week was a pretty good one. As you know my witty openings have been on the fritz lately, so let's just get down to what I watched.

Sunday 6/26.

  • Ebert & Roeper. This week features include:
    Bewitched: Two thumbs down
    Yes: Ebert- Thumbs up, Roeper- Thumbs down
    Land of the Dead: Ebert- Thumbs up, Roeper- Thumbs down
    Herbie: Fully Loaded: Two thumbs down
    Rize: Ebert- Thumbs up, Roeper- Thumbs down
    March of the Penguins: Ebert- Thumbs up, Roeper- Thumbs down
  • Behind the Music: Poison. These guys were among the pop metal kings of the late 1980's. This was an entertaining look at their rise and fall, the debauchery, the drugs, the critics, the in fighting. I was a moderate fan of them, I still find their music to be fun, if unsubstantial. I enjoyed the light that was shown on their rise and fall. ***
  • 40 Least Metal Moments. This has been on so many times, but I kept only catching little bits and pieces of it. This was the most I had ever seen of the two hour countdown. Highlights included Celine Dion covering AC/DC, Alice Cooper in a CompUSA ad, Adam Curry on the Headbanger's Ball, Bruce Dickinson fencing, Ozzy having dinner with George W, and to top it off Vince Neil doing the chicken dance. There were also a few I don't think really deserved being on the countdown like Avril Lavigne covering Metallica's "Fuel," and John Corabi joining Motley Crue (I think that is a pretty good rock album). ***
  • Family Guy. Brian joins the cast of the Bachelorette, along with Quagmire. This was a sub-par episode that survived on Quagmire's antics (Gittity, Gittity, Gittity....) and Stewie's taunting of Brian (How's that novel coming, hmmmm...?) The weakest episode of the season. **
  • The 4400. Some interesting developments, Richard, his wife and child are caught and invited back to the 4400 Group. A 4400 teacher gets accused of child abuse in a rather interesting thread. plus we have a group of homeless people who discover Shawn's healing ability. This series is definitely on the rise. ***
  • The Dead Zone. In a standalone episode outside of the mythology, Johnny encounters his match in another psychic, Alex. They end up working together to stop a despondent father who is targeting those he lost faith in after the loss of his son. I liked this episode a lot, nice balance of comedy and drama. ***.5

Monday 6/27.

  • WWE: Raw. The show opens with Kurt talking about his loss to HBK, and wanting to move on to Batista, instead he gets Ric Flair. Then a would be tag match with Edge and Snitsky changed quickly when Kane chased Edge out of the arena, so it turned into Snitsky against the latest draft choice, he got squashed by The Big Show. John Cena gets interviewed by the clueless Maria, he also announces he will be teaming with HBK and a mystery partner later in the night. Carlito debuts the Cabana with the final draft choice, the rehabbing RVD, he then beats down RVD. Angle and Flair proceed to put on a very good match, Flair may be old, but can still go in the ring. Next was the next edition of the lame Diva Search. Main event: Chris Jericho, Christian, and Tomko against John Cena, HBK, and Hulk Hogan. Hogan gets the pin on Tomko and the celebration begins.... ***
  • The Closer. I liked this episode a lot. Brenda is investigating the murder of a Russian immigrant prostitute. It turns out that the suspect is a member of a big crime family and is under FBI surveillance/protection. What happens is that Brenda wants justice for the young murdered woman, she brings in the suspect, and while questioning him, gives the dirty lawyer cause to believe that he is cooperating with the law, securing his own death upon leaving the station. Gritty, dark, and Kyra Sedgwick is growing on me in this role. ***.5

Tuesday 6/28.

  • Rescue Me. Tommy finds out where his kids are, and uses his current house's barbershop quartet as a means to get to the kids. Meanwhile his old house tries to get Tommy back. More happens, but you really need to see this series, it is great. ****
  • Reno 911. I don't watch this regularly, but for sheer wacky comedy, it is tough to beat this one. This episode has them looking to add a new officer to the fold. All of these newer recruits are out doing their best, bringing down the bad guys, while everyone else remarks on anything and everything they feel like. ***
  • Stella. Not sure what to think of this one yet, it is not really laugh out loud funny, but it is utterly bizarre. ***

Wednesday 6/29.

  • The Inside. A boy gets murdered in a gated community and the local pool boy gets fingered for it. But, evidence suggests that it was a bully of a young girl that did it, this results in the boy's mother attempting to exact revenge. Very good. ***.5

Thursday 6/30.

  • WWE: Smackdown. The final two draft choices are revealed, Christian and Batista. Outside of that, this show is pretty much a blur, although I remember enjoying it. ***

Friday 7/1.

  • Nothing.

Saturday 7/2.

  • Teen Titans. Slade makes a deal with Trigon to deliver Raven. The team, however decides to try and protect their friend, while dealing with her unusual niceties. Don't know why I bothered with this. **
  • The Batman. A continuation from last week, which shows Joker being involved in the creation of Clayface. A good episode. A new conflicted bad guy, a new police contact for Batman, and an ending open enough to give rise to future Clayface appearances. ***
  • Justice League: Unlimited. A continuation from last week, starting with Superman facing off with Captain Atom, while Huntress escapes with Question. The hostilities escalate as JL's base fires on a Cadmus location. This leads to some dissension in the ranks, as well as some issues with the government and civilians. Tensions are rising. ***

That is all for this week.

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