July 8, 2005

New Movie Releases: 7/8/05

This week doesn't look like it will bring much joy to the 19 week slump it's in. Only two major releases and neither one appears to be a slam dunk hit.

Dark Water. The latest Japanese horror/thriller to be translated by way of the Hollywood filter. This looks like it could be pretty good. For one thing it was directed by Walter Salles, who made the very good biopic Motorcycle Diaries last year. Next it stars Jennifer Connelly and John C. Reilly, two rather accomplished actors. I saw the original film a while back and thought it was a pretty good creepy film. I am looking forward to see how this one makes out, I can only hope it is better than The Ring 2.

Fantastic Four. This film does not have good word surrounding it. It looks like they went the cheesy route. There are so many good stories that could be told about this group of superheroes, but a little voice is telling me that this is not it. I think they did a poor job casting it, some of those cast just do not look right. I am sure I will still see it, but I don't have high expectations.

Mysterious Skin. I have heard good things about this coming of age tale. It tells the story of two boys who have a history of being sexually abused and how their lives may be linked. I am looking forward to possibly seeing this one.

Shake Hands with Devil. A documentary that is here for a brief two show, two day run. This film is about the real general portrayed by Nick Nolte in Hotel Rwanda, Romeo Dallaire. It includes archival footage and footage of the general's return to Rwanda ten years later.

Until next week.

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