July 19, 2005

DVD Pick of the Week: 7/19

This is a very slight week. That said, I have chosen The Crow: Wicked Prayer as my pick for this week. I do not hide the fact that The Crow is my favorite film, plus I have been a fan of the entire run so far. Granted, the second film was not terribly strong, but the third was underrated, it took a different tack on the concept. What I like most about the Crow series, is that it is more of an anthology than anything else.

This new film was based off of a graphic novel of the same name, sadly, I have not read it. I had been hearing good word about this for some time now. I even remember that it was originally going to get a theatrical release. I was loooking forward to seeing the Crow back on the big screen. Obviously, that plan changed.

I look at those involved and hope for the best. It stars Edward Furlong, David Boreanaz, Tara Reid, and Dennis Hopper. It involves biker gangs, ritualistic Satanic murder, revenge from the grave, what's not to like? Plus, it was directed by Lance Mungia, the man behind the very cool Six String Samurai. Hopefully it will be on par with the third entry.

Other releases this week:
  • Constantine. Decent enough special effects romp. Not the best, but worth a rental.
  • Man of the House. Tommy Lee Jones has to baby sit a bunch of witness cheerleaders. I don't even remember this being in the theaters.
  • Tetsuo: The Iron Man. Japanese cyberpunk.
  • Urban Legends: Bloody Mary. I kind of liked the second one, not sure we needed a third.
  • WildC.A.T.s. The short lived animated series based on Jim Lee's comic book series.

See what I mean by a slight week?

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Anonymous said...

For those who are fans of the original Crow movie, this is a pale imitation. Sadly, it doesn't even match the entertainment quality of the short-lived 1998 TV series based on the movie. The reason it went straight-to-video is obvious: this fourth installment is nearly unwatchable. I won't go into the specifics, but it's subpar on nearly every level: dialogue, acting, camera work, special effects. How the cast signed onto this muddled and silly script is a mystery.

Years ago, after the first Crow film came out, creator James O'Barr stated repeatedly how there could never be a sequel, to honor the memory of Brandon Lee. But when the well started to run dry, he relented; and now, a decade later, we have this time-waste for him to answer for

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