July 5, 2005

Danzig and The Blackest of the Black

Glenn Danzig is planning the second "Blackest of the Black" tour for this fall. It will begin it's path of darkness at the end of September and will run through Halloween. "'The Blackest of the Black' tour is for extreme bands that sell out venues across the country, that sell records, but don't get radio play or get on MTV," said Danzig. "It's anti the corporate crap nu-rap-metal that gets shoved down fans' throats at other concerts."

The first version was back during the summer of 2003 and featured Superjoint Ritual, Opeth, Nile, Lacuna Coil, and Behemoth in addition to Danzig. The new lineup will feature the return of Behemoth along with Chimaira, Himsa, Mortiis (ex-Emperor), and The Agony Scene. Once again Danzig will be headlining.

Now here is the real hook for this tour, joining Glenn onstage will be Doyle Von Frankenstein. They teamed up on a trio of dates this past winter. This time Doyle will be appearing on every date of the tour joining Glenn in a 30 minute set of Misfits songs. That right there is reason enough to want to see this tour. I heard that their sets last time were great, imagine how good they'll be during this series!

I am very much looking forward to the prospect of seeing this tour. I was able to See Danzig live a couple of years back, and he puts on a great show.

In addition to this tour, Glenn has a few other projects in the works. There is a forthcoming DVD, Il Demonio Nerai (review coming soon), of his videos, in a variety of forms, from the "Danzig 4-5" era. His second album of classical music, "Black Aria II." Finally, he is also shooting a film, his first, which he wrote and is directing called Gerouge. It is based on one of the comic titles from his Verotik imprint. It concerns Voodoo in New Orleans at the turn of the century.

The guy is definitely keeping himself busy! I hope all of them are worthwhile endeavors.

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