June 4, 2005

May Poll Results: Star Wars?

May Poll. Star Wars?

  • Bring on the Sith! 62.5% 10
  • Not if I can help it 0% 0
  • Take it or leave it 12.5% 2
  • Only the original three 6.3% 1
  • No! 18.8% 3
  • total votes: 16

Thanks to all of you who took the time to vote.

I voted for the first option, Bring on the Sith! This type of question can lead to all sorts of discussions, some about the intelligence of the fan/non-fan, lifestyle of the fan, wars with the Trekkie camp, others about the general worth of the series itself, quality of the prequels, superiority of the Original Trilogy, and many just won't care.

Not sure what brought all that on, but it is true. Personally, I couldn't wait for this last prequel to hit the screens, but I was not without my apprehensions. When I first saw The Phantom Menace I loved it, but with each successive viewing, my esteem has dropped, I am still entertained to be sure, but it is clearly faulty and easily the worst of the six. Then along came Attack of the Clones, a big step up over the previous outing, but still flawed, this one is neck and neck with Return of the Jedi, they can switch positions based on my mood at the time of the question. Now comes Revenge of the Sith, how will it stand up? I have seen it twice and loved it both times, the story answers questions and raises more, but more importantly, there is more heart and emotion here then the earlier two. I love the amped up action, I love how many things fall into place, in short it currently stands at number 3 for the series.

Back to the poll results, it seems that the majority of those who answered agree that they are ready for the film, while a few others are for the OT only, or don't really care, with the final 3 just not liking it at all, which is understandable, but not acceptable! Just kidding, these films aren't for everyone, but for the rest of us they will always be there for us.

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