June 24, 2005

The Lost Conversation

What follows is a little conversation via email that I had with a coworker of mine. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. Your head may explode if you read until the end.

HIM: So what do you think about the season ender?

Also when are the new episodes coming? I am addicted to the show.

I think they are all dead still. Nothing has changed that in my mind, so far.

ME: It left me a little flat, there wasn't enough of a reveal.
New eps are due in September.

HIM: They seem to want to keep stringing the viewers along. I feel that is wrong. I for one am hooked and wont miss the show but I wanted a little more insight to what is going on. I still think they are all dead either way.

ME: You are a rather morbid individual.
I think they are all alive but will eventually kill each other or themselves off, ha!

HIM: That's an interesting thought, about them killing each other off that is. I have to think about that one for a while though.

There was a movie I saw with Michael Caine ( I think? circa 1980) and his ship was wrecked and was found a lost group of pirates, actually decedents of pirates who where intergraded in to the crew. The climatic battle was the pirates attacking a Coast Guard cutter. Those guys on the boat who took the boy reminded me of that movie.

ME: I was just kidding, I don't really know what I think.... Yet.
I don't think I've seen that movie... But they did say the others were coming for the boy....

HIM: The others I think are descendants of the pirate/slave ship that was found a couple episodes back. Where did the "others" get a boat with fuel?

ME: I don't think the others are real people.

HIM: They shot at and probably hit Sawyer and took the boy. Sounds real to me.

ME: You take real to literally....
I didn't mean to imply they were not really there, but I think they are something other than the outward appearance of being human. I believe them to be involved with that black smoke creature.

HIM: Gottcha. The black smoke creature is an very interesting thing on its own.

ME: I felt a bit underwhelmed by it.
Supposedly while Locke is being dragged you can catch a glimpse of a humanoid shape reflected in his eye, supposed to be a look at the creature.

HIM: Sounds like them keeping the plot slow moving is annoying you. I would like to see the pace moving a little faster. Idont have a HDTV to see those extra details in Johns eyes.

ME: Me neither, I read about it online somewhere.
I do find the expositional pace to be a bit maddening. I think they could show/tell us more without giving away the whole plot.
It seems to be a case of hurry up and wait.

HIM: Hurry up and wait. That fits well. They should show more. They have very good ratings and don't have to worry much about people losing interest. The slow pace might cause some of loss of interest though.

Also the others are they supernatural? The smoke creature does appear to be supernatural but it could be just bad camera angels. No one seems to talk about the smoke creature even though several should had a fairly good view of it.

ME: That was the first shot of the creature, I don't believe anyone else has gotten a look at it yet.

Definitely run the risk of lost interest, my parents are rather frustrated with it enough to possible start skipping it. The attitude is that they can miss an episode and not miss much, since not much seems to happen.

I think that there are a lot of smaller details that we are all missing.

I am pretty sure that the others are not human, what they are, I do not know yet....

HIM: Actually I think there were several spots where the creature was chasing people and there should have been a glimpse of it to a few people. Jack, Charlie, Locke, Arnz or whatever his name was should have seen something to go along with the creatures roar and earthshaking movements.

I agree with your parents and I hope the producers etc will realize this before people turn away.

I for one want to know what is down the tunnel and how Hugo's lottery numbers play in to this.

ME: Should have, but I think most was undercover of the jungle.

The numbers are bad, what else do you need to know? haha

HIM: .....dude

ME: I want to see Locke lose his ability to walk.

Have him piss off the island and have his privilege revoked.

HIM: Locke walking is one thing that bothers me. He could not walk all of a sudden can. This seems to make the show supernatural. His whole spiel about the island demanding this and that he is a man of faith etc makes me to believe this more. Were are the space aliens?

ME: There are definitely supernatural forces at work here.
Locke knows more than he is letting on. The creators, at one point, likened him to Randall Flagg from Stephen King's The Stand.

HIM: Randall Flag huh? I did not like him very much. Hopefully Locke is nicer. But I think he know more as well. I wonder how he knows though.

ME: Maybe he is the root cause, perhaps he made some deal to regain the use of his legs. Perhaps each ship that has crashed there has had someone like him. Makes you wonder what he gave up to get those legs back, I also doubt he had all those hunting/tracking skills and such prior to his arrival.

I also have thought's that Boone was reborn as the baby considering the timing of his death and the baby's birth...

HIM: If he made a deal it would have been during the crash. He was walking on the beach no problems right afterward. With the extent of damage no one should have survived but artistic license can void some of that thinking. As to a Locke on every ship that would be interesting but I don't think so.

To get his legs back either made a deal with God, the devil or space aliens. Sorry the space alien thing is bouncing around my head but it is a too obvious solution to this. I think he had the hunting/tracking skills. Picked them up from his dad before the surgery. That was rotten of Lockes dad to do to him.

Boone and the baby is interesting as well but there have been other fatalities so that might be a reach.

ME: Artistic license is the name of the game. I don't mean a Locke character on every ship, but a similar type of person.

You and the aliens! Maybe this is a Predator hunting ground.

True others have died, but how many died as a baby was being born?

And that brings out little conversation to a close. I hope this didn't put you into a coma.

Any spelling mistakes are as they were int he original emails.

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Anonymous said...

The name of the 1980 Michael Caine movie is the Island. Horror directed by Michael Ritchie.

Chris said...

Thanks! I'll have to track it down.

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