May 29, 2005

The Week That Was.....A Viewer's Diary: 5/22-5/28

The final week of season finale's and marking and marking the impending shortening of this column, at least until some summer season shows start up, or the occasional special.

Was anything worth watching? Let's take a look, shall we?

Sunday 5/22.

  • Desperate Housewives. The first of the week's highly anticipated season enders. I am more of a casual viewer and didn't have a vested interest in how this one turned out. It was an interesting show as the secrets of Mary Alice's suicide are revealed, and the neighbor kid (I forget his name) is holding Susan hostage as Mike returns from possibly killing his father. Meanwhile, Lynette is having marital problems, and Bree is at her husbands side following his unexplained heart attack. ***
  • Grey's Anatomy. I liked the episode, but don't remember much from the first season closer. I know George finds out he has syphillis, after finding a girlfriend who had also been with one of his roommates. There is also the potentially botched surgery and the unauthorized autopsy. Meredith and her boss's relationship gets a few more steps when his wife shows up. I am intersted in seeing where this goes next year. ***

Monday 5/23.

  • WWE: Raw. This was a pretty good show. Features Lita's reasoning for turning on Kane and teaming with Edge. There was a decent handicap match between Shelton and Hassan/Daivari, couple of bothed moves, but Shelton is great to watch in the ring. Bischoff has a funeral for ECW which results in him being int he ring with Vince and Paul Heyman together. The show closed with a match between Batista and Edge, with interference from Christian and Tomo and thereturn of Triple H. ***
  • 24. The 2 hour season cap on what was possibly the best one yet. The finale had mixed results with audiences, from what I have seen, I liked it. It is not without it's faults, but I am willing to suspend disbelief in a rather unbelievable show. Following the capture of Mandy, they are able to quickly locate Marwan, but he is not giving up the target. The techs onsite soon find that it is heading for LA, and it is quickly shot down. SOme of the knowledge regarding the missile and it's quick removal from the plot was a little disappointing. On the other hand, it seems like they are trying to take the series back a few steps and make it more personal for Jack. The Chinese are back in the picture and quickly get a confession and turn on Jack. The President, that spineless non-leader material guy, is quick to order his turnover to the Chinese. Palmer jumps into action and warns Jack that he is about to be killed. Jack escapes and the episode ends with him walking into the sunset David Banner style. It appears that next season will be Jack solo, and maybe some Tony action. ***.5
  • Las Vegas. Sam's husband (Dean Cain) buys the Montecito and the season ends with an explosion, or rather implosion, while the cast members all wonder about their futures. Mike is going on a singing tour, Mary is flying off with her new boyfriend, the rest is up int he air. Next season could be interesting. ***
  • Medium. A good finale to a show I can't quite decide if I like or not. The Texas Ranger from the pilot is back, helping Allison track down a serial killer in her dreams. Most of his help comes when he is not awake, then his heart becomes a problema nd he ends up in the hospital far from home. ***

Tuesday 5/24.

  • House. Not quite as good as last weeks episode, but still good. Sela Ward joins the cast as an ex-girlfriend who brings her current husband to Greg to help determine what is wrong with him. Looking forward to next season of the irascible doc. ***
  • Law & Order: SVU. ADA vs. the Defense Department. An antimalaria drug given to soldiers in the Middle East causes some violent reactions. A good episode which reminds me of the recent Anthrax(the band) press conference about the very real bill which allows the government to use untested vaccines on our military without their knowledge or consent. ***

Wednesday 5/25.

  • Lost. The two hour finale is here, did it live up to your expectations? It sort of liked it, I expected more, or at least bigger, revelations. I liked the exit from the show that Arzst made. I liked all the stuff at the airport with all the characters getting on, especially Hurley trying to get to the plan. I like the stuff on the raft, with the others coming to take Walt away and blowing up the raft. I expected more from the whole monster reveal, and was totally let down by the reveal of what was beneath the hatch lid, a shaft and a broken ladder. Still, I enjoyed it and look forward to what they give us next season. ***
  • Alias. I liked the season 4 finale, but I feel like I missed an episode or three, granted I am not always watching closely, but it seemed to be lifted out of 28 Days Later. The Rambaldi device is know bigger than a building and with the injection of modified water turns people into zombie like things, which is the fate that Nadia suffers. Sloan continues his history of switching sides, as does the not dead Irina. Once the plot of Irina's sister is foiled, there is a big cliffhanger. Vaughn and Sydney discuss their future, and it is revealed that his name is not really MIchael Vaughn. Car gets broadsided, credits role...... Where are we heading now? ***.5
  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent. I've only been watching this sporadically, I had this on in the background, but didn't pay teribly close attention. It did involve the investigation of a couple of men who seem to be killing judges. **.5

Thursday 5/26.

  • Nothing.

Friday 5/27.

  • Nothing.

Saturday 5/28.

  • WWE: Smackdown. Pre-emtpted from it's normal Thursday slot by a Yankees game, I had to wait until Saturday for my wrestling fix. It was an OK show, featured a decent tag team match between the champs MNM and the new team of Hardcore Holly and Charlie Haas. Cena punks JBL again. Big Show takes on Carlito, but ends up getting F-5ed by Stuttering Matt Morgan. The highlight of the night was the 20 superstar Battle Royale, with the winner geting the match of his choice next week. It came down to Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterio who work very well together. Angle wins, but I don't care for the direction his character is heading in. ***
  • Teen Titans. I don't normally watch this, but I wasn't sure what time Justice Leagure was on, and just decided to watch it. I don't really care for the anime inspired look, I wish it kept in line with the other DC universe shows. The story was rather goofy, focusing on Beast Boy's desire for a scooter, and his new job at a fast food joint where the food turns out to be the boss, and a plot to kidnap cows and replace them with a tofu substitute. Goofy doesn't describe it. **.5
  • The Batman. Another one I don't normally watch, and infinitely inferior to the Batman: The Animated Series. This one has the Bat facing off with the Cluemaster, who is seeking revenge on an old game show. The best part were Cluemasters battle midgets. **.5
  • Justice League Unlimited. This episode focuses on repairing the relationship between Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl. They end up teaming to free Hades from Faust who is seeing new life in a robot called Annihilator. Fun action, results in the revelation that Hades is Diana's father. ***

That does it for this week.

I will be here next week, but the column will not be nearly as informational.

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