May 31, 2005

The Trailer Park: Dreamer

This afternoon I spent some time at the theater, specifically I went to see Madagascar, which was pretty good. But as is the norm, prior to the film start we had about 15 minutes worth of trailers. One of those trailers was for a film called Dreamer. I had never heard of this one before, and I wasn't sure I wanted to know more after the first few moments.

The movie actually looks good. I was afraid it was going to be another smarmy family movie about an animal. I was afraid it was going to be another Winn-Dixie, which I haven't seen, but the trailer just looked bad with the smiling dog and such.

This film stars Kurt Russell and Dakota Fanning. Russell plays a horse trainer and Fanning is his adoring daughter. It follows them as they train a horse for a race, but a tragic accident leaves the horse with a broken leg. Fanning won't let them put the horse down, and eventually Russell signs over ownership to her, and together they rehab the horse in an attempt to race again. The story doesn't seem terribly original, but Russell is an excellent actor and Fanning has been impressive to this point in her young career.

So those looking for a potentially worthwhile family film, this could be one to look for.

You can see the trailer at Apple's Quicktime site, HERE.

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