May 9, 2005

February 2005 Movie Recap.

A mix of old and new, good and bad, foreign and domestic. This month features a mix of films from around the world. February is a pretty good example of my ranging tastes. Well, let's get to the films, and keep your eye out for past and future roundups.

Best of the Month: Hotel Rwanda
Worst of the Month: Cursed

  1. Boogeyman. You know, most may disagree with me, but I really enjoyed this collection of jump scares. The concept is actually executed rather well. It doesn't really hold together, but I don't care. ***
  2. Born into Brothels. Oscar winner for Best Documentary. Wonderfully touching film about a filmmaker trying to help the children of the Red Light district. Very good film. ***.5
  3. Constantine. Some great production design, a story with great potential, but it just doesn't work. **.5
  4. Cursed. Wes Craven keeps sliding down that slippery slope. This movie is just bad, boring characters lame story, and no real scares drown this before it starts. **
  5. Godzilla. For the first time on American shores, complete and uncut. I had never seen this version before, and it was great! The most serious of the bunch, commentary on nuclear power. ****
  6. Hitch. Will Smith and Kevin James pair up for this light hearted romantic comedy. I liked it a lot, but it relies heavily on contrived events and cruises on the charisma of Smith. James is the surprise here, stealing many scenes. ***
  7. Hotel Rwanda. Powerful film concerning a sadly neglected conflict. Don Cheadle gives the best performance of his career. Sadly overlooked by many due to it's small theatrical run, this deserves to be seen. ****
  8. A Very Long Engagement. Jean-Pierre Jeunet's tale of love during World War I is incredible. The lengths that are gone to to find that love are amazing. Great performances, some intense battle, it is a great film. ***.5
  9. The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. A slice of life surrounding a guy who decides to study a flock of wild parrots in San Francisco, and becomes a virtual member of the flock. Not so much a documentary, but an entertaining watch. ***

That covers February! Thoughts?

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