April 8, 2005

The Week That Was.....A Viewer's Diary: 4/3-4/9

Welcome back once again, and once again I have started late on the column. I do, one day, hope to start this when I should. But regardless, I soldier on, as do many writer's with a mean lazy streak who are easily distracted by shiny things. Let's get right down to business.

Sunday 4/3.
  • Malcolm in the Middle. I hope this series ends soon, as good as it has been, it is fast slipping into a has been series. This episode focuses on Francis' 21st birthday party, and a long standing wish of his to go on a motorcycle tour with his father, meanwhile the rest of the boys try to avoid getting beat up. This was not a good episode, too many characters out of character. **
  • The Simpsons. A failed museum is turned into a privately owned prison by Mr.Burns, and Homer becomes a snitch. Moderately funny, but this series is in a tailspin, it may be time to put it to rest. **
  • Arrested Development. Consistently funny and bizarre. This time Michael is trying to get his son and his girlfriend to break up, while his father tries to attend his wife's anniversary party. This show is gearing up for an early exit with only a couple more eps. Be sure to watch it! ***
  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent. OK episode with a couple in witness protection murdered and their adopted daughter suspect. D'Onofrio is good but the show is sporadic. **.5
  • Desperate Housewives. Marlee Matlin has a funny guest appearance, but thmeat of the show is with Gaby and Carlos and their money woes, and the death of Carlos' mother. ***
  • Grey's Anatomy. I think I'm beginning to like this show. Looking for rommates, carrying a member in a cooler. Does it get much better? ***

Monday 4/4.

  • WWE: Raw. Wrestlemania fallout. Decent show, the highlight was easily the triple threat with Chris Jericho, Christian, and Shelton Benjamin. **.5
  • 24. This season is going to give the first a run for its money for best season. This episode features a bug stunner which I won't reveal for those who have not seen it yet. This hbas been great stuff. ***.5

Tuesday 4/5.

  • Scrubs. One of the best sitcoms, yes I keep saying it. Hilarious and touching at the same time. JD and Carla cross a line, Eliot deals with a guy who decided to "enhance" himself before meeting his girlfriend's family. ***
  • The Office. Fast becoming one of my favorite sitcoms and a good pair with Scrubs. This episode has Schrute left in charge of the office, and the disastrous results. ***
  • Veronica Mars. Returns with a mythology episode, attempting to clear Abel Koontz. Nothing ever works out though. ***
  • Blind Justice. This is growing on me to. Decent episode, but I don't recall much of it. **.5

Wednesday 4/6.

  • Life on a Stick. I don't know why, but I like this show. It's goofy, it's stupid, just what I need for a middle of the week entertainment. This time they take on a singing fish shop. ***
  • South Park. The kids are forced to play baseball and can't lose no matter how hard they try. ***
  • Lost. Rather dull, but still good episode. Boone passes and Claire's baby comes, all framed around Jack's wedding. Next week's preview looks better. ***
  • Alias. The continuing tale of Vaughn's father takes a turn when they track down nightingale, and Arvin knows more than he let's on. I will always like this show. ***
  • Eyes. I like this slick and smarmy show, probably more than I should, but it is fun nonetheless. This episode focuses on the rescue of a kidnap victim and the trapping of a rich witness. ***

Thursday 4/7.

  • WWE: Smackdown. Mediocre show. I didn't hold my attention too well, except for Rey and JBL. **.5
  • Tru Calling. Tru's first defeat comes in an episode where the person she needs to save is not revealed until the last second, making for some entertaining moments. ***

Friday 4/8.

  • Joan of Arcadia. I think I am going to stop watching this series again, it's a shame because I thought the first season was masterful. They keep veering off into this melodrama which is just not working for me. This episode continues with Joan breaking up with Adam, and also deals with her mother's dealing with her son dating an ex-nun and possibly moving out. **
  • Law & Order: Trial by Jury. I liked this episode, it dealt with a shooting in a bank, where the shooter did all he could to get himself caught. He then makes the decision to defend himself. This is probably one of the better epsidoes they've had. ***.5

That does it for this week!

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