April 28, 2005

Movie Trailer: Batman Begins

Batman Begins is one of my most anticipated films of the upcoming summer, and the trailer looks highly promising.

The first thing this film had going for it is Christopher Nolan directing. Nolan is an incredible talent who has previously given us Memento (brilliant), and Insomnia (excellent). He seems to be a very good choice to reinvigorate the Batman franchise.

Second, they brought in David Goyer to write it. He also brought us the three Blade films, plus the brilliant Dark City. He is very good at writing these dark tales, and looks to be a good choice for this material.

Then the is the cast. Although my first choices for Bruce were Guy Pearce (who turned it down, as well as Daredevil), and David Boreanaz, the guy who got the role is also an excellent pick. Christian Bale looks perfect for the role, seemingly auditioning in the criminally overlooked Equilibrium, with maybe a bit of American Psycho thrown in. Then there is the supporting cast, let me see if I remember all the names: Ken Watanabe, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Katie Holmes, Cillian Murphy, Liam Neeson, and Rutger Hauer. That is what I call a cast.

Anyway, the trailer looks excellent, and could potentially be the best screen Batman yet (no one will overtake Adam West!!). Looks to be full of action, and give us a look into the training that Bruce goes through when transforming into the Dark Knight. Then facing off with Scarecrow (who has a very interesting look) and Ras al'Ghoul, whose daughter, Talia is in love with Bruce.

Click HERE and check it out for yourself!

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