March 8, 2005

DVD Pick of the Week.

There really isn't that much coming out this week to comment on, at least that I am interested in. So, I have decided to point out a box set that collects 7 previously released disks together. It is the Zatoichi Collector's Box. It collects 7 of the near 30 Zatoichi films together. I have not seen the vast majority of these films, but all that I have seen have been definitely worth the time. There was also the recent continuation of the series by director/star Takeshi Kitano, in what was a wonderful film worth checking out.

For those unfamiliar with Zatoichi, it chronicles the adventures of a blind masseuse who becomes embroiled in many different situations. Besides being a masseusse, he is also a master swordsman, and being blind just adds another level to it. If you like samurai films, or have an interest in them, this is definitely a series that is well worth looking into. Do yourself a favor, even if you don't spring for the box, most of the individual disks are available at reasonable prices, or even rent them.

There are a few others worth looking into this week:
  • Ladder 49. A very well made drama concerning the life and times of firefighters.
  • The Ring Collector's Edition. A two disk re-release of the 2001 thriller, just in time for the sequel.
  • Dolls. I know nothing about it, but it was made by Takeshi Kitano, which makes it worthwhile for me.
  • Koma. Another Japanese thriller which looks promising.
  • Friends Season 9. This series is nearing an end with this release.
  • Paranoia Agent Vol 3. This surreal series continues its march.
  • Gantz Vol 2. This anime series got off to a bizarre start, I am eagerly looking forward to this disk.


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