January 5, 2005

WrestleRecap: WWE Raw House Show 1/4/05

I've got something special for all you wrestling fans out there, I attended a WWE RAW house show in Poughkeepsie, NY last night. It was a fun show, and here's a recap.

The ring announcer, Justin something, welcomes everyone to the event and hopes we all have a good time. He then goes on to announce the first segment.

Segment 1: Diva Search winner, Christy Hemme, comes out to the roar of the sold out crowd and announces the first match.

Match 1: Edge vs Chris Benoit in a submissions match.
Edge came out and ripped on the crowd and claims he is the rightful champion for pinning Benoit a few weeks back. The match started out with Benoit leaving the ring in pursuit of Edge, he lays in a number of hard chops and throws him back in the ring. The match goes back and forth, each hitting their spots. Edge controlled most of the match. Each throw in a variety of submission holds, including Benoit's Sharpshooter and Edge with a Dragon Sleeper. Eventually, Edge hits the spear and puts Benoit in his new hold, I believe it is the Edgeucator (?). That gets countered into the Crossface.
Winner: Benoit via the Crippler Crossface.
It was interesting seeing this open the match, I am used to some lower card star taking on a jobber. Which brings us to:

Match 2: Val Venis vs Chris "The Masterpiece" Masters.
This was a rather slow paced match, again back and forth action, Val controlled the majority of the match. This was met with a flurry of "Boring!" chants. Masters had a good physique, but was rather boring in the ring, that is until he hit some sort of Death Valley Driver/Neckbreaker finisher.
Winner: The Masterpiece in a surprise victory.

Match 3: Maven vs Shelton Benjamin for the Intercontinental Championship.
This was a halfway decent match, with Maven actually using good psychology and Shelton selling like a champ. The first half saw Shelton mocking Maven, but then the tide turned and Maven is working the leg, continuously in a variety of manners, legbar, knees, kicks. It looked as if Maven could pull of the win, but Shelton hits the Exploder Suplex out of nowhere.
Winner: Shelton Benjamin via Exploder Suplex.

Match 4: Mohammed Hassan w/ Dhavairi vs Rhyno.
This was a fun match, Rhyno is full of intensity as always, rushing the ring in defense of the US after Hassan's mini-rant about racists. Hassan looked pretty good in the ring, hitting the basics, and occasionally cheating with Dhavairi's help. It looks like we may have a good manager on our hands. Due to his distraction, Mohammed hits his finisher which looks like the Downward Spiral.
Winner: Mohammed Hassan via The Downward Spiral.

Match 5: Batista vs Chris Jericho in a Knockout match (Last Man Standing rules)
Batista is enormous, and comes out to a big face pop. While he poses in the ring, Jericho is announced and comes out to a big pop as well. Each guy put their all in this match. Batista is going to big someday soon, he is getting over with the crowd and he is getting a lot better in the ring. Jericho hit's the Lionsault, running Enziguiri, and his other signatures, except for the Walls of Jericho which Batista is able to muscle out of. Batista, on the other hand, is pure power, putting Jericho down with a Batista Bomb. This match could have gone either way.
Winner: Batista via the Batista Bomb

Match 6: Christian and Tyson Tomko vs William Regal and Eugene for the Tag Team Championship.
This match was a blast. Besides being a good worker, Eugene is very funny in the ring. Action was pretty fast throughout, lots of Eugene and CLB chants. Eugene hits a lot of spots including the Worm, Rock Bottom, People's Elbow, and the Stunner. Regal used his usual array of punches and kicks. This was probably the most fun match of the night.
Winners: William Regal and Eugene via the People's Elbow

Segment 2: Christy comes back out and shoots T-shirts into the crowd, prior to removing her own, much to the delight of the crowd!


Match 7: Molly Holly vs Lita for the Women's Championship.
Wow, Lita looks great in person! I was actually excited about this match as I was not aware that Lita was going to be there. Lot's of Lita chants, and a big pop to her entrance. The match itself was OK, a bit brief. Molly controlled most of it, before Lita gets the DDT out of nowhere.
Winner: Lita via DDT

Match 8: Gene Snitsky vs Kane
This grew out of the women's match. As Lita was celebrating, Snitsky entered the ring, but before long, the lights went out, some red spotlights fell on Snitsky, and the crowd erupted as Kane entered the arena. A lot of big man back and forth, nothing really big is hit, a couple of missed chokeslam attempts, and a horrendously goofed big boot from Snitsky which was about a foot away from Kane. The two fought outside the ring to the back.
Winner: None, Double Count Out.

Main Event: Triple H vs Randy Orton
Hunter comes out first, rips on Orton and the crowd. Orton comes out poses on the ropes. Before the match officially begins, a huge Triple H chant grows. Helmsley gets on the mic and says he doesn't need our cheers. The match begins with punches and kicks being thrown, some off the ropes arm drags. Actually a decent match from the two with hHh selling more than usual. Missed Pedigree's and RKO's were plentiful, before Orton gets the opening he needed.
Winner: Randy Orton via RKO.

Overall, it was a very good show, lot's of energy from the sold out crowd. We got some good matches, and I was finally able to see Jericho and Lita live. Also Batista is very impressive, and Benoit is one of the most ripped individuals I have ever seen.

Biggest Pops:
1. Triple H
2. Lita
3. Eugene
4. Kane
5. Batista

Biggest Heat:
1. Mohammed Hassan
2. Edge
3. Triple H
4. Christian and Tomko
5. Maven


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