January 28, 2005

New Releases

This week brings only a couple of new releases. Let's jump right in, shall we?

Alone in the Dark. Much like Darkness a few weeks back, this is being snuck into theaters under the radar. This is not a good sign. It is based on a popular series of video games and stars Christian Slater and Stephen Dorff. I am not holding my breath for quality, in part due to the lack of advertising, but mostly because it is from the same director as the abysmal House of the Dead, Uwe Boll.

The Girl From Paris. I am completely unfamiliar with this title, upon some research I have found that is a French romance from 2001. I wonder if this is a mistake on the schedule, as my local chain cineplex does not normally carry foreign titles. The story looks interesting, a tale of a woman living on a farm and dealing with life's troubles. It is a slice of life type of film that tells its story in a slow paced film. I may have to try and catch this one.

Hide and Seek. Yet another "creepy kid" film, but this one has the strength of Robert Deniro, and one of the best child actors around, Dakota Fanning. A big difference here is that we finally have a creepy movie that is rated R, a rarity in this day of the sanitized thriller, I only hope that the movie is good.

Men Suddenly in Black. This has a limited 2 day/2 show run at the local arthouse. It is film from Hong Kong which parodies the Triads. It won two awards at the 2003 Hong Kong Film Festival, Best New Director and Best Supporting Actor. I will have to try and catch this one.

Merchant of Venice. The classic Shakespeare tale is retold by Michael Radford, who also made Il Postino, and starring Al Pacino.

Million Dollar Baby. Continuing it's slow rollout, the Clint Eastwood drama moves into my area. I saw this while I was out of town, and it is a wonderful movie, but one I am not sure deserves all of the hype it has received. I still highly recommend seeing it if you haven't.

Vera Drake. The story of an abortionist in London comes to my area. I am not the biggest fan of the subject, but it still looks as if it could be a fascinating drama.

Until next week, enjoy the week at the movies!


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