January 8, 2005

Movie Review Quickie: What the F@#& Do We Know?

This movie has been gaining steam on the indie circuit, generating something of a cult following. I have to say I was somewhat interested in this film which, I was told, was an attempt to explain quantum physics in layman's terms. Sounded interesting, also considering that is wrapped inside of a fictional day in the life of a woman who represents the everyperson of the tale.

The movie plays out with a lot of special effects and such to jazz up what amounts to a rather dry narrative. The story, such as it is, follows a photographer, played by Marlee Matlin, on her day from the morning on. We encounter her dealing with her roommate, her boss, her clients, all the while we get interspersed interview segments with various doctors and professors.

Initially we get some interesting information regarding the nature of quantum physics and how attempts are made to explain what is going on at these subatomic levels. The problem is that it quickly turns to new age religious philosophy regarding our actions and the effects of thoughts on ourselves and others. Basically that we are nothing but a collection of chemicals making choices and the right and wrong don't exist. Also, they go on the discuss the "creation" of god.

A large portion of the movie just sounded like pure non-sense. It seemed to be an attack on organized religion in the guise of a science documentary. I can't say that it wasn't at least partially interesting, but it was so padded out. It would have been an interesting 60 minute show on TLC or The Discovery Channel, rather than a nearly two hour feature film.

Bottomline. Some interesting scientific elements wrapped in new age philosophic nonsense. It lost a lot of credibility for me, when I found out one of the main speakers was a chiropractor. Unless you buy into new age ideas, this may not be a film worth your time. It may be worth a rental down the line, just go into it with a grain of salt.

Not Recommended.


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