December 12, 2004

Belated TV Roundup.

With all of the writing I've been doing lately, I feel I have been negligent in writing about the current television season. I figured I would at least give you all a glimpse into my viewing this season by going through the week and writing a bit about the shows that have made it to my hit list. Some of you may find this terribly interesting, others may find it incredibly dull and pointless. Whatever your take may be, this is how it is. Let's begin, shall we?


  • Listen Up. The new series starring Jason Alexander (Seinfeld) and Malcolm Jamal-Warner (Jeremiah) is a mixed bag. I want to like, I think that's why I keep watching it week after week, despite it's formulaic approach to the sitcom. It has humorous moments, generally through Alexander's George-lite routine. Nothing I could seriously recommend and will be surprised if it makes it to season two.
  • Las Vegas. In it's second year, this has become a favorite guilty pleasure of mine. It does a decent job of combining action, drama, comedy, romance, and suspense into what amounts to a glossy prime time soap. James Caan leads the cast as an ex-CIA operative now running a casino which employs a wide variety of people. This show is a lot of fun, light and serious simultaneously, fun performances from the entire cast and a never ending supply of guest stars. I'd have no problem recommending this.
  • LAX. This short lived airport series with Heather Locklear and Blair Underwood was fun. Nothing spectacular about the series, I just like seeing Heather on screen. Sadly the ratings weren't there and it got moved to Wednesday opposite the ABC juggernaut Lost which can now claim the carcasses of two shows.
  • WWE: Raw. I was a fan of wrestling back when I was a kid, gradually lost interest, but then kicked back in around 1998. Since then I have rarely missed a show, and this is the flagship of the WWE. It is not for everyone, but I always have fun watching this.


  • Father of the Pride. This CG series from Dreamworks was a mixed bag, it could be very funny at times, plus it had a rather mature bent to a lot of it's humor. This hurt the show as it seemed to be advertised more as a family show, whatever the case, it got killed by high production cost and low ratings. Fun while it lasted.
  • Scrubs. Possibly the best sitcom on television (up there with Arrested Development). This show just keeps getting better. Wonderful characters, moments of genuine quirkiness, great stuff. The actors hit all the right notes from the funny stuff to the touching stuff and everything in between. I cannot recommend this enough, be sure to tune in to NBC at 9:30 each Tuesday evening.
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. My favorite of the L&O series, it's stories are darker and the actors a bit more intense, plus it features Ice-T as a cop! I started watching this a year or two ago, and I've been hooked ever since.
  • Veronica Mars. This show is a fast becoming a guilty pleasure of mine. The show is about a high school student who works for her private investigator father. There is a lot going on in this show, more than just a mystery of the week, there is an involving story arc that threads its way through each episode.
  • House. This show has only been on a few weeks, but it is a lot of fun. It is about a doctor who does not like to meet his patients, and when he does he terribly sarcastic and cruel. It is not your typical medical show. Hopefully it will last awhile.


  • That 70's Show. I am still surprised that this has lasted this long. This is it's last season, and it's a good thing to. For as much as I like the show, this season has easily been the weakest yet, still fun though.
  • Quintuplets. Much like Listen Up, I like the star more than I like the show. Andy Richter stars as the father of five in this rather formulaic sitcom. It makes me miss Andy Richter Controls the Universe even more.
  • Lost. Arguably the best new show of the season, consistently creating compelling television. A group of plane crash survivors struggling to survive on an island with strange things going on in the woods. If you haven't watched this, make sure you do.
  • Smallville. Now in it's fourth season, and as entertaining as ever. I really like this creation of Superman's younger years. A fine cast that I was would be ported over for the film, but that is not to be.
  • Hawaii. I watched this a few times until the timeslot go too full. The busy slot proved to be the downfall of the show and it is no longer on, so I no longer care.
  • Law & Order. I can't believe how strong this series has been. I like the stand alone episode format, but this show is hurting from the loss of Jerry Orbach. Dennis Farina's addition to the cast is OK, but the chemistry isn't there, yet.
  • CSI: New York. This spinoff is actually pretty good, carried by Gary Sinise, but still pretty good. Not quite as good as the original, but the cast is growing on me.
  • South Park. Does this need any explanation? This season has been hilarious.
  • Drawn Together. There's nothing quite like a spoof of reality TV, especially when it's animated. It's no South Park, but it's pretty funny.


  • Joey. It's no Friends, but the Joey character is one of the best things on TV. It's taking awhile for the supporting cast to gel, but I am willing to give it some time.
  • CSI. Nothing quite like the original. It is an excellent procedural that sports a cast that works well together and consistently entertaining stories.
  • ER. This show is a workhorse, it just keeps chugging along. Despite many changes in the cast over the years, I still enjoy it. This season has been pretty good too.
  • WWE: Smackdown. The other big night of wrestling, I can't remember the last time I missed a show. It has not been as good as it has in years past, but it still keeps me coming back.


  • Joan of Arcadia. Possibly the best show for the whole family on television right now. An entertaining blend of drama and comedy, with a side of religious discovery. I'm not sure what it is exactly that draws me to it, but it is definitely worth your time.
  • Star Trek: Enterprise. Hands down the best season of this show so far. Just when I was about to forget about it, they completely turn it around. The stories have been interesting, character interaction is much better. This has become one of the better genre shows on TV.
  • Andromeda. The Sci-Fi Channel picked up the show and started airing the new season. I started watching the season, and it is not all that good, I abandoned it after a few episodes. The earlier seasons are much better.
  • Dr. Vegas. I wasn't sure about this one, but I enjoyed the interaction between Rob Lowe and Joe Pantoliano. It was a guilty pleasure type show. Sadly it has been put on hiatus and is not expected to return.
  • Medical Investigation. Another CSI type show dealing with biological outbreaks. This is an interesting show that somehow keeps from being a CSI clone. It is buoyed by the performance of Neal McDonough.


  • Nothing. Saturday is pretty much a complete dead zone this season. I will catch the occasional Sci-Fi Pictures Original, but that's about it.


  • King of the Hill. Most of the episodes have been pre-empted for football, so I've only seen 1 or 2 episodes. I don't really miss it, I'd rather have Futurama back.
  • Malcolm in the Middle. I still like it, but this series is in a decline.
  • The Simpsons. I think this one is starting to get tired too. This season has not been funny at all, a shame too.
  • Arrested Development. Along with Scrubs the best sitcom on television. Smartly written, funny characters, funny situations. An all around excellent show.
  • Desparate Housewives. A primetime soap has become one of the hottest hits. I like it, but probably wouldn't miss it. It has a quirky appeal to it with some strange characters and a multi-layered plot.
  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent. I never really cared for this spinoff. I started watching it regularly this year, and it has really grown on me. I really like Vincent D'Onofrio's weird detective.
  • Crossing Jordan. I like this show, although it is on the fluffier side of the investigation type shows. The supporting cast is the best thing about it. There are some wonderful characters in there.

That about does it, that is what I've been watching this season. Some good, some bad, some laughable. How does your watching compare? Let me know.

This is bound to change when two of my favorite shows return to television, 24 and Alias.


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