November 23, 2004

Pick of the Week: Seinfeld

This week's choice is a given. The long awaited release of my favorite sitcom of all time, you don't have to agree with me, Seinfeld. And not only do we get the first season, we get the second and third as well. They are split between two box sets, seasons 1 and 2 in one and season 3 in the other. As if that isn't enough, there is also a set of both of those boxes plus more stuff, like playing cards, salt and pepper shakers and a script with notes from Larry David.

I loved this show and was very sad to see it leave the airwaves. Granted, it is on ad nauseum on television in syndication, but it's not the same. Now we will get to see the episodes as they were meant to be seen. When a show gets syndicated, they invariably get a few minutes edited out to make room for more commercials. Next time you watch, pay attention, you may be able to pick out missing spots.

Anyway, no matter how many times I see this show it still manages to get a laugh out of me. Plus, the dialogue is so quotable. The first great show about nothing, and everything all at the same time. Now I don't remember which episodes were in these particular seasons, but it doesn't much matter, I can't wait to watch them again.

Other titles to look for this week:
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. The third installment is also my favorite, a little darker, a little older. Still a lot of fun.
  • The Terminal. Tom Hanks puts on another acting clinic in this wonderful comedy from Steven Spielberg.
  • Incubus: Alive at Red Rocks. An excellent concert disk from one of the best bands in rock.
  • Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Vol.3. Third volume in this fun series based off of the classic anime film.
  • Gozu. Takashi Miike's Yakuza horror film. You can't go wrong with a Miike film.
  • Star Wars Animated Adventures: Droids. The old series edited down to 2 feature length movies.
  • Star Wars Animated Adventures: Ewoks. The old series edited down to 2 feature length movies.
  • Star Wars Adventures: Ewoks. The two direct to video live-action ewok adventures.
  • Rambo Trilogy: Ultimate Edition. A remastered version of the Stallone action pack.
  • The Big O II: Complete Series. I liked the first series, very Batman: TAS-esque.
  • Inugami. An interesting looking thriller from Japan.
On the music side of things:
  • Nirvana: With the Lights Out. A 3 CD/1 DVD box set of over 80 songs, the majority of which have been released.
  • U2: How to Disable an Atomic Bomb. The latest from this Irish band comes in a few flavors, one including a DVD.
  • Evanesence: Anywhere but Home. The anticipated release also has a DVD.


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